Christmas (Space) Elf

First of all, belated merry Xmas! These days are totally crazy and the painting queue doesn't go down at all!
But as the last post of the year I wanted to paint something, a mini at least. I chose this one, an Elf I got from Hasslefree long time ago:

Plus a couple of bits to Eldarize the mini
I love the pose. As soon as I saw the mini I knew I needed it. Funny thing, I have never had an Eldar force before, and I really don't plan on starting one by now. It was a standalone project, just because. The armour looked Eldar-ish enough and I had little or no conversion work to do, as you can see.

Unsure of what Craftworld to choose, I started painting the armour cold white. I knew I wanted bright colours, nothing dark at all. Maybe that was my mistake, as I ended up painting a really bright red tabard. Sorry, didn't take WIP pics. The thing is that I suddenly couldn't see but Christmas colours on the mini. It reminded me my Christmas Elven Warband for Frostgrave so much that  I simply couldn't unsee it anymore.
'Ahhh... I guess I'll have to repaint that tabard... But... That can wait. Isn't it Christmas anyway?'

So I finished the job and got this:

She just needs a touch of green
Pinting snowflakes would have been too much, even for me
I may repaint the tabard differently. I may not. We'll see next year. For the moment I have this sweet Elda warrior ready to defend Craftworld Rovaniemi :D

Scale comparison shot next to classic Ragnar
And next to a realscale Space Marine
Note the different base, I think she scales up nicely
To be honest, I ordered another Elf alongside this mini; from the Red Box ranges. It also was love at first sight. Unfortunately they didn't match as expected. It's not that the mini is shorter than the warrior, they are really a different scale.

Beautiful, nevertheless
The thing is that a friend was so gentle to give me away this other guy, which I think looks too large, but may work alongside her.

Not that I'm starting an Eldar army
Whatever I may do with these, that will be a matter for 2020 :D
Happy new year to all!! See you soon again!


  1. Holy crap! Looking great! All the best in 2020!

  2. Looks great! Excellent choice of mini, and wonderful work on her. Bit of a bummer about the scale issues with others, but we can't have everything. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you! I have to find a purpose for that mini. Hm, something will eventually come to mind...

  3. A great alternative Eldar model, she fits right in. You don't need a lot of models in Rogue Trader to have a starting force, just saying ūüėČ.
    She looks brilliant mate!
    Happy New Year! I hope you manage to finish your growing City in 2020.

    1. Haha, nananana, can't hear you, nananana :D
      Thank you! Right, I must get back to that board! I'll see to make some progress anytime soon.
      Happy 2020 to you!

  4. Feliz a√Īo, pues para ser tu primer eldar te ha quedado muy bien, las minis de hasslefree son una pasada , l√°stima que se vayan a encarecer el pedirlas por aqu√≠. :(
    yo cre√≠a que aprovechar√≠a las navidades para pintar y quitarme marea gris, pero me ha tocado estar de ni√Īero as√≠ nada de nada, que se le va ha hacer :D

    1. ¡Feliz a√Īo! S√≠, deber√≠amos hacer acopio de Hasslefree y dem√°s :D
      Huy, te entiendo con lo de la falta de tiempo, mira cómo se desploman las cifras de actualización de este blog D:

  5. Gorgeous Eldar figure! I like the red tabard too!
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you! I'm still struggling to decide what to do! :D

  6. Love the details on her tabard (that's the red cloth right?). A great way to end your hobby year.

    1. Thank you! It's been an... 'interesting' year with ups and downs, I'll do my best to perform better (in miniature terms too!) :D