Monday, 6 January 2014

I got a Christmas present.- Guest blog

Happy new year!! :)

I had some things ready for today, but something important happened this week and I have gladly redone my schedule -you will see at once why.

If you have a look at my blogroll, one of the wonderful links you will find is La Rana Bucanera ('Buccaneer Frog'!), run by Eliezer Mayor, a truly mighty painter from the Canary Islands, a complete artist in the whole extension of the word.

Last weekend I got a surprise gift; I went to my Post Office and found that Eliezer had sent me a Christmas present: this mini, totally sculpted and painted by him:

It isss mine, my preciousssss
You can see the whole process in his blog:

I cannot recommend it enough; seriously, he is such a talented artist -not that I'm telling it as he has bribed me with a mini :D. His work speaks out for itself, just go check. You will not be dissapointed.

Of course I had to try the mini on a game! So this very weekend we had a Zombicide session.

I've come across the sea to kill zombies!!
I think I can also find him a place for some other ambientations, so I believe you will see this mini on some other games ;)

So, thank you very much, Eliezer! Now everybody go follow his blog!!

Well, it has been my pleasure that this has been my first post of the year. Later this week I'll come back to regular activity, starting a new project. You'll see what I'm talking about... ;)



  1. How awesomely unique! Looks brilliant what a fantastic gift!

  2. This is a gift you received is very great ,Eli is very talented and a very good painter .
    Un gran saludo .

  3. It is simply wonderful. As I said, he is an incredibly talented artist, I'm totally thilled by the mini!