The sign of the four

The title has really nothing to do with Holmes, sorry if you came up here looking for something different :P

I have finished the Berserkers and have added some cousins. All of them Old School approved, of course.
First of all, a member of the Thousand Sons, devoted to the god of disguise and change, Tzeentch:
It might be because of the season, but I feel a little blue...
Here you have a Berserker from the World Eaters, servant of Khorne, the blood god on his throne of skulls.
Ho ho ho, ya [censored]

This one belongs to the Emperor's Children, worshippers of Slaanesh, god of excess, lust and desire. This explanation is required as you would never say it seeing the guy.
I have never found a proper colour scheme for these minis

Finally we have a member of the Death Guard, a Plague Marine, herald of Nurgle, rotten god of decay and stillness.
I'm not fat, it's just Christmas time

So all of them make a fair representation of main Chaos Pantheon in the Warhammer universe.
Four guys. Hence the title

Hey, there's that other guy! You are late for this year's family pic!

It looked appropiate to me ending the year with some Old School minis. You know, the old year and all that stuff. Hope you like them!

All I can say is that I hope all of you have a happy new year! See you in a few days with more tiny lead men!



  1. Really great job here. I normally tend to dislike green nurgle but your green is just rusty and dirty the good way so I can't help but love this one ! You managed to give each of them the right mood fittting its patron god.
    The 3 Jes goodwin traitors are very nice minis to paint and while the Perry renegades can prove tricky to paint I think. I'll surely get some inspiration from yours when Iget to the plague marines.
    Thanks for the eye candy and happy new year !

    1. Thank you very much! I hope you will see more next year :)

      Best wishes and happy new year!

  2. Great work on this minis !
    Greetings and Happy new year Suber ;)

    1. Thank you, Captain! I also wish you a happy new year! :)

  3. Great work. I think the Slaanesh guy is just fine. That black suggests me leather and BDSM. But maybe it's just me.

    1. Haha, I guess that's the idea! I have some other purple-ish renegades, so I still have to decide what to do...

  4. Que pasada ese marine de plaga...
    Feliz año!

    1. ¡Gracias, me alegra que te guste! ¡Feliz año nuevo! :)

  5. unos adoradores del caos muy monos y dignos de sus respectivos dioses ;)

    Para los hijos del emperador a mi me gusta pintarlos con magenta, les da un toque más llamativo que con el típico rosa palo :P

    Un saludo y feliz año Suber

    1. Jeje, ¡gracias!

      Tengo unos cuantos Renegados de Slaanesh en magenta y oro. Me voy a plantear completar sus escuadras (tengo minis preparadas) e igual lo acabo repintando para que encaje. Ya veré...

      ¡Feliz año a ti también!