Monday, 1 September 2014

Drawing again. Trying new things!

I've been slowing down my blogorythm during these last weeks. Why is that so? Have I been lazy (erhm, lazier than usual)? Ye... I mean, no! I've been moving onto new things, trying to boldly go where no man has gone befor... Hm. I might be overreacting a little.
I've been taking drawing lessons for the first time in my life! Photoshop lessons, nothing less! I've always been fond of drawing and colouring up my doodles; I have even managed to do my totally fanboy amateur comics. But I couldn't avoid facing digital art, sooner or later I was in need for this. I am a complete techno-hick, so this endeavour was a real challenge for me. Enough to say that three weeks ago I wasn't able to use Photoshop in a different way than Paint. I mean that :(

So don't expect pieces of art today, I'm totally aware this is crap, but just like I do with my minis, I have to dare to lose my own embarrassment and show them to the world. You are allowed to laugh, but that won't make me paint a portrait of you whenever I get better! :D

My very first work. Gandalf the Grey. Literally grey
Painting looking at the screen and not to your own hand is a pain. You lose any sense of dimensions, proportion and perspective. Ouch.

Those weird things were supposed to be skyscrapers. They will be if I ever finish this one
My teacher was an insultingly young guy (twelve years younger than me, sigh) who tried his best to teach me about using colours and that strange thing called 'layers'. Technowitchcraft, I call that.

This work represents me running out of this crappy stuff
Anyway, this summer course has been great and I've enjoyed every minute of it, even if I was struggling to death trying to make the computer response to my attempts of actually drawing something.

Weird stuff out from my mind
New concepts and designs, that's what we were encouraged to develop. I somehow ended up thinking about an army of robots in classic Greek mythology. May give it another try in the future.
I'd like to work more on this one
Of course, human figure is a hell to paint on the screen, because of what I just told about not actually looking at your hand. So I just designed aliens, freakies and monsters, anything where real anatomy wasn't an issue :D

Dancin' disco music, man!
Stayin' alive, stayin' alive, ah, ha ha ha
So by the end of the course this has been my top:

Ooops, people, you got some serious leaks there
Ok, I know, this is just what it is, but I'm pretty satisfied with my progression in just three weeks. By the beginning of the course I had no idea of using the software, and now at least I'm able to get next to my tablet without feeling scratchy.
I'm afraid I have to practice a loooooooot, but hey, that makes the perfect excuse for me to spend some hours searching for nudies through the internet! 'No, honey, this is just research, need to get some anatomy references, you know...' :D


  1. Good lord Suber, you're one talented freak !

    I would simply ADORE to get some backdrops from you, the sort I would take photos of models with and that sort of thing...

    You have skill and imagination, a dreadfull combo really...

    1. Oh, man, you stop *blush* :D
      I don't believe these ain't big deal but I can say that, as I still have to improve a lot in all areas, for sure I will be doing more landscapes; of course I have no problem in e-mailing you high fortresses, wicked forests or whatever comes to my sick mind ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, my friend! Well, of course I had a lot of help from my teacher, it still reamins to be seen what can I do on my own from now on... (glubs) :D

  3. I think you've done pretty impressive work for a 3 week course!

    The Minotaur and Centaur!!! Fantastic!!!

    I toy with digital art, but I really want to get back into practice with traditional media.

    1. I'm still taking my very first steps, now I need to find some quality time to develop this and see where can I take my doodles. Much appreciated, seriously :)

  4. Very nice portrait of Sir Ian McKellen ...errr I mean Gandalf. ^_^
    I would love to learn how to draw digitally but don't know where to start. It kinda sucks to self-learn or is that self-teach myself how to draw. It's like the blind leading the blind. ;)

    1. Oh, thanks! I've seen your work on paper and it's amazing! The self learning was impossible for me as I didn't even know where to start with the software. I still have a looong way to walk trhough, but every journey starts with a first step!

  5. Ancient Greek robots? So the Aleph faction for infinity then? This all looks amazing though.

    1. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Infinity stuff, but do I presume there are tech-Greeks then? Wow, then I need to have a look at them, thank you for pointing me on that direction!