Thursday, 11 September 2014

Some more big tough guys

Second round! I told you I had another Minotaur by Troll Outpost aka Obscure Creator. OK, here it is :)

You can see its the same mini, but not the same ;) First of all I painted him black. Now that I see it I do believe it fits much better than brown. In order not to have just the same exact mini I thought of a way to swap legs or something, but let's assume it, that's too much work for me lazy guy. I only replaced the bayonet with a piece from my bits box. I went consistent with the red scheme to make him integrated into the unit. And that's it. Here you have next to his buddy:

Now this is some proper bullfighting, not that other weird thing
But this is not all. I also got this other big guy:

The guy who wouldn't dare to become a pirate. Eye-patches and stuff, you know
I had a problem with this one. I painted his skin in the same tones that my HeroQuest Fimirs, as he most probably will be leading them ;). But when I just went on highlighting the mini, the paint I was using reacted in an strange way and then it all became messy and green (I hadn't used that colour in a time and the paint pigment wasn't properly mixed). Well, so it is greener than I expected, but the mini is still greatly sculpted :D

And he is also a real big guy!
I still have to paint two Piscean Warriors to finish the first release I purchased, but they already are on my workbench...


  1. Excellent ! I loved the brown version but I love the black one even more now !

    Having near twns as them, I would have called them the legion of doom or something !

    Th efimir is also really nice, Though I will go for something lse than green on mine, I like th eassociation of your green and your tarnished gold.

    Really great job !

    1. Thank you! I believe Diego has some other Minotaurs in mind, so my aim is to muster a herd... I mean a band! :D
      Legion of Doom... Hmm... sounds good!

    2. I was refering to the 80's wresting team kind of "legion of doom" their colours match and their brutality must be on the same level as well ;)

  2. Nice work on them both. Having a different skin tone is more fitting for a leader he's special and obviously been born that way to do great things.

    1. Don't give me ideas! I'm beginning to see an albino bull :D

  3. These minis look larger than the W40K ones, are they?

    I agree on the black skin ... it looks way more fearsome than brown which would have looked too predictable.

  4. They are monstrous beasts, I should take size comparison shots. To give you an idea, I'm using 40mm bases for them.
    Now that I see the guy again I can't understand why I didn't go for black for the first Mino too, it looks much more natural, much more like a real bull. I might redo the first one, hmm...
    (BTW, before anyone asks: no, I am not doing a space bullfighter :D. That's not gonna happen, I'm not that stereotype guy).

  5. Awesome figures!!

    Mimis are bigger than I believed. Interesting...

    Great work!!

    1. Thank you! The sculpt is really great, I cannot but recommend these minis, they are quite enjoyabe to paint :)