Thursday, 19 November 2015

DUST... with a twist

You should have seen this coming. Yet another totally different project, unrelated to anything you had previously seen here. Yup, that's me. Now that the DUST has settled (what an awful pun), it gets my interest :D
I'm not getting into the crowdfunding and the war associated to it. I'm just interested in the minis and the game, let's leave it here. I got to know the game back in the day from the hands of mighty Keyan Sark. We played a couple of games a few years ago and I totally bit the hook.  Unfortunately I didn't get any stuff of my own until last year, when I got a juicy offer for the DUST Tactics starter pack and a few more boxes. More unfortunately, I haven't been able to paint them until now!!

Anyway, I disgress. For those of you not knowing of the game, it's just Weird WWII. Strange weapons, cool Alien tech, gorilla wariors, that kind of stuff. How could I resist? Buuuut, once I got my minis on the workbench, I suddenly came with one of my weird, stupid ideas. What if I totally disregard DUST background and I take all this to... another fandom level? Hmmm...
I hope it doesn't sound too scary :D
Given an experiment I carried out with Keyan Sark (We made an Iron Man for DUST. I realize I haven't talked about it on the blog... Hmmm, must solve that!) and the (fanmade?) rules for superheroes and pulp characters, I came with the idea of converting the regular troops into superheroes' universe soldiers.
So, with that idea in mind, I painted the Allies as members of the SSR, the Strategic Scientific Reserve, from the Marvel Universe:

So you can see what I am aiming for! Let's go see the infantry from the Starter Pack:

"Death Dealers" and "Hell Boys". Names are damn badass
These are Rangers too, but in heavy armour
I also got these two extra units:

Recon Rangers
British Red Devils. The only not-SSR unit
I stil have to paint the walker, but for the moment the infantry is done. Minis are great and super easy to paint, so this is a killer combination!

As I was painting these, I just decided to use the same colours for a side project... Ahem. My friend Rodrigo gave me away his Bolt Action Normandy Starter Pack. Wow!!
I finally got some paint on them...

The new minis with the cool boss (supposed to be Dick Winters, I believe!)
So with two starter packs, this is what I got in the end!
I could take Normandy on my own
 Well, line painting is essential for projects like these, of course, but anyway it's quite challenging!
I'm currently painting the Germans from the DUST pack (you can imagine they are going to be proper Hydra, hehehe...) as well as the Germans from Bolt Action (proper decent Germans). Hope I can show them in a few days! Expect some more masses of infantry!


  1. I was thiking it taking some of those red devil figs and tossing some brother Vinnie fallout power armor helmets on them to make some not bother hood of steel for some this is not a test gameing.

    1. Hmm, that would be nice! I believe they look quite compatible, but I actually haven't seen any Brother Vinni minis in hand. If you do so I'll be keeping an eye on your work!

  2. Some very generous friends you have there Suber. Nice work on the figures.

    1. Indeed I have. I'm truly blessed with some excellent people around me!

  3. Cool! I like your take on this mate, I love it when there are layers of geek... like a big geek onion!

    1. Hahaha, thanks! New layers and layers of geekdom are always welcome!

  4. Replies
    1. Haha, thanks! Then you'll like the other guys when I finish them...

  5. In reply to commissarmoody... I completely agree. Bother Vinnie does T45d but the guys in Subers post would perfectly fit as T51b!

    It was the first thing I thought when I saw them!

    Anyway, great painting and another great looking project mate!

    1. Thanks, man! BTW, talking about compatible bits, I totally forgot to tell, but if you look close & carefully, you may notice that three or four of the heads in the first pic really come from the Bolt Action ranges. As I was painting them all along, I thought it could be nice adding some variety. So another set of bits people may consider!

  6. Well done Suber. I especially like the fourth group i.e. the ones with the red skull cap. You also did a good job on the Normandy soldiers. Very nice combination of greens and khaki.

    1. Glad you like them! Speed painting was my friend here, hehe. This can be a fun project, hehe...