Thursday, 25 May 2017

Ballads of War 1x34 & 1x35

Events are pushing forward!

Well, it seems that Cypher is not someone you want to mess with. You came to the wrong tomb, pal!

Anyway, our heroes seem to go out of the frying-pan into the fire, as Bilbo would say. The verses were tremendously fun to write (and now to translate into English, hehe). You can see again the kind of meta-narrative I was introducing with the whole Wind over Gladiel thing, just my invention. I was trying to expand the in-universe with made up cultural references, adding some depth to the story in the very same way the Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell novel did (heavy influence, of course!).

We can see in the last panel that the Eldar finally join the party. What a busy day to be there!
I haven't commented it in previous pages, but the twilight effect in the sky was a real pain in the ass to achieve, I had to work relatively fast with the acrylics, pouring a lot of water on the paper to get the paint mixing in a decent way, but risking the whole result in the process, as too much water is never good for bussiness on paper... and haste is even worse!
I used 120g paper; this was a totally amateur work designed to be bound and read as a regular comic, so there is stuff in both pages of the sheet. The logistics involved are tricky indeed!

Well, you'll have to wait to see the Eldar in action. In the meantime, HERE you can find the previous stuff!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Just an action booster today ;)

  2. Great panels, Suber!

    I love how large you've made the Space Marines in comparison to everyone else -- it really gives them a sense of presence.

    1. I was into Primaris Space Marines before they were cool :D
      No, seriously, I like the idea of the genetically modified giant soldiers. In fact I had (have) lots of plans (and bits) to make RealScale Space Marines. I guess these latest releases by GW will make my job much easier!

  3. That last shot is marvelous. The way they look up you can not only see how tall the marines are, but also get to see the beautiful colours of the twilight sky you've painted.

    1. Thank you! That panel was kind of a challenge, drowning the paper in water, hehe. I'd like to see what effects I could achieve if I ever go digital ;)