Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Second Silly Sancho

You may remember (and if you don't I'll provide the links) my wasteland walkers, i. e., the Quixote Project ;)
I started with Don Quirixote of Manchae Prime and his faithful Sancho Panzer. I accepted a commission from a pal to make another version of Don Quixote for him. But now, of course, you can see that this project was unfinished, as he also needed a Sancho of his own.

Until now. Here I ride again.

I clearly didn't have enough
While this dapple had to look chubby and funny too, I wanted something else. My first approach was a classical one, with the rider on the long neck, in front of the hull itself.

A saddle over there, you know
But a friend convinced me to do otherwise. What if I put the driver on the back? Hmmm, interesting. With that in mind I had to use an old Ork biker (and some parts of the warbike). I'll show:

The body has a nice fat belly. Just remember that 'panza' is Spanish for belly
If you look really close, you'll see the contact key
Standard postapocalyptic cap
So I cut the neck of the dapple and repositioned the whole thing a little bit to get this:

Still chubby
Not exactly Akira toriyama style, but still works
From now on it's all about adding stuff
So it's just a huge walking trunk. Or a pot; still undecided
Here you have the finished result:

It is always better to make a journey in good company...

Here you can compare:

Now it's up to my pal to paint them! I'll be sure to share over here when he does so.

Dammit, this shit has me hooked, these are fun to do. However, I have no immediate plans for more walkers, as I still have a hell of a mountain of work on the bench! But in due time... Hmmm...

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

The Order of the Ossuary

I backed the Black Crab Miniatures Kickstarter last October. Andrew May is a guarantee of success and job well done. No second thoughts, as soon as I saw the minis I knew I needed them. The KS ran smoothly and I got my minis a few weeks ago. Being just three of them, I have slipped them between my current projects, eager as I was of painting them.
From the upcoming Terramortis range by Meridian Miniatures
 No point in taking WIP pics, so...
The Ghost of Christmas past, the Ghost of Chris... Ehm. No. Sorry, my mistake
The colours used in the original pics (and original lovely art) were dark red and black. I tried a different scheme, all in blues and greys.

And checkers, of course. I cannot paint without checkers
I used quite a limited palette, as I wanted to give them some uniformity. In my mind the concept of some weird cult took shape immediately. In my Rogue Trader Warhammer 40,000 setting I can easily see them as strange monks taking care of old relics. This is how the Order of the Ossuary was born.

Also known as the Order of the blurry pics
The Order has the venerable mission of collecting bones and relics of fallen Imperial heroes, in order to keep and venerate them. The monks themselves are former servicemen who were severely injured but didn't earn martyrdom. Declared no longer fit for active duty, most of them bearing horrendous scars or burns, some of them seek for a life of contemplation and service to the Emperor in other ways.

They are more charming than you believe. He's actually smiling behind the mask
They are a common view on battlefields once the fight is over, assisting medical services in retrieving bodies with Ministorum priests and clerks who help to record the deeds of Imperial warriors all over the galaxy. They determine who behaved heroically, became martyrs of the Imperial cause and deserve the honour of being preserved.

Look at the numbers on the bones on the three minis. I bet for the most macabre puzzle ever
Once the bodies are properly dealt with, the bones or other suitable items can be used as relics. They go under proper Ministorum consecration rites and then are incorporated to Ecclesiarchy banner poles, shrines all over the Imperium, taken to battle by Imperial Preachers or Adepta Sororitas or whatever other use is considered appropiate. The ossuaries of the Order ar quite well known, and even turn themselves into peregrination sites for the common people who just want to pay their respects for the most humble Guardsmen.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Order of the Ossuary (if you come with a better name I will gladly take it under consideration, I'm simply making up all this stuff as I write).

The amazing thing about these minis is that they can fit into a number of sci-fi settings (specially 40K, of course)...

No heroic bones in sight, brothers
...as well as fantasy!

Yup, the Stormcast Eternals really messed up with our bussiness
I'm enormously delighted with the minis. If there are more of the like incoming, I'm definitely in. The only thing that really bugs me about all this is... that I need to build a friggin' ossuary now!! :P

Friday, 4 January 2019

A game of AvP

First of all, happy new year to you all! I hope you are doing well and you still have some Christmas spirit left.

I have to ask you to forgive me for starting the year in such a barbaric, ungentlemanly way, but I'm afraid I'm posting a game of unpainted minis. I know, I know, I'll look for redemption, but I'm afraid this is the way it is.
I gave a try to the Aliens vs Predator game. Yup, the Prodos one; you all know what happened. BUT not my own game (it would have been painted). My pal got a copy of the 2nd edition of the game at about the same time I received my KS copy of the first edition. Cool, uh?

It exists! My own copy is in its box

I won't make more drama over a game, the internet has proven enough for it for years. The relevant data today is that I have played a game :)
A quick overview of it: The minis are nice, I have to say, and so is the board. The rules are understandable (though they can be a little fuss at the beginning) and the game is better than I expected. I'll try to explain in a few words.

I'll be playing Aliens and my pal the Predators. So the name of the game will make some sense.

Definitely not Space Hulk
At the beginning, all the minis are hidden, you use only tokens. My mission will be to reach the round room (top right) and leave there a couple of tokens. My opponent's mission will involve getting to the tile next to that same room and destroy it (the clash is guaranteed).

The Aliens go through the air vents and unveil the Predators
Man, these guys are tough
That's a thing you get to know. If you have just three Predators vs fifteen Aliens, that means something. Predators are like the Space Marines while Aliens are... well, maybe some funny Gretchins. Each Predator is a meat grinder, with different skills and weapons (and 3 wounds each!!), while Aliens rely on their numbers to overcome their enemies.

Each mini has a couple of activation points, which can be used for movement, attack, running, etc. You know how that works. Each turn both players roll for the initiative and then they both activate minis alternatively. So pretty classic. In this case (3 vs 15 minis) it's kind of weird, but I guess it turns much more tatctical when the numbers are more even.
Every turn both players can play a couple of strategy cards (from a deck of five). Some will allow you to re-roll dice, others will give you extra movement, some modifier on dice rolls... They are essential, as a card well played can turn the scales in a second. But we'll get to that.
On the pic above you can see a couple of tokens. When an Alien dies, you make a die roll; depending on it they can spill some acid blood, which can eventually harm the enemy. So you better kill them at distance!

Everybody moves!
At the beginning of each turn, the player with the initiative draws an event card which can affect everyone on the board. A defensive laser, hatches closing, gravity being affected... that kind of stuff.

My Aliens kept harrassing the Predators, but they had a mission...
Everyone's on the run!
You can tell where the main fight is going to take place...
Predators can open doors, but Aliens can't (oh, come on, even Velociraptors are smarter!). They can but attack them in the hope of harming them enough to let them go through. But well, that takes some time.

Ooops! Where did you came from?
Seriously, I started with 15 guys. Now we are even???
My pal was such a gentleman that he gave me the chance to do better. Seeing how desperate my situation was, he gave me some reinforcements. A true gametleman (a word I've made up for cases like this).

Five more little buggers
I finally caused my first casualty!
Let's see what happens here!
Minis are cool, just imagine how will they look when painted
Well, things are getting interesting...
Well, this will be the battle that decides it all...
A few turns later...
Wow. The last remaining Predator had only one wound left, but not even with my five extra Aliens I was able to get rid of him. What a beast of war.
Being my first game I think I played quite recklessly, not knowing the pros and cons of both factions. My oppponent played more wisely and you could see he knew what he was doing.

Well, I have to say that, after all the inconveniences with the kickstarter, I had simply (and angrily) storaged the box on a shelf. But I liked the game, I have to thank my pal for that. I will have to take the box out and paint my own minis, the game certainly deserves it.

First post of the year, first game! Let's cross fingers and see how many more I manage to get!
(but with painted minis, I promise...)