Thursday, 28 March 2013

The little and the big

As I'm changing from project to project, I'm not focusing on anyone in particular. The polite way to say that is that I like showing you different things of ecclectic interests (monocle on) :D.

Today I'm bringing you some 2nd Ed. WH40K Orks again. Well, not exactly Orks, but close enough :P
An Ork army is not complete unless it has miriads of their little slavish minions, the Gretchins:

Strictly eye-harming colour pattern, as it is supposed to be
No one uses them nowadays in their games, and that's a shame. They are a colourful choice for every Ork Warboss worth of that name, able to act in such different performances as shield against enemy shoots ot a cleansing tool for mine fields (you know, that's the kind of black humour Warhammer used to have back in the old times, before it tried to take itself too seriously).

But in addition to these tiny soldierz, I also bring you just the opposite concept, the mighty Ork Dreadnought:

90's scheme in all its glory
I can recall a time when things like this were almost the biggest monster you could set on a table (apart from a Land Raider or so), when you didn't need to spend obscene amounts of money on ridiculously enormous plastic sets to have fun. Oh, well, I'm mumbling again...

Let's see him beside his "older brother", the previous model of Ork Dreadnought:

Now you're singing Michael Jackson's 'Black or white', I know...
                                  [Music] 'But if you're tkinkin' about my baby/ it don't matter if it's black or white...'                               Oh, come on! Now you are singing it!
These have been today's reenforcements, I hope you are enjoying my own old times revival!


  1. Are these for our little you-know-what?

  2. Great work and paint ,really detailed .

  3. Thank you all! These were really fun to paint. Rodrigo, we have to play 2nd Ed anytime, we have lota of plans but never got them into practice!

  4. Me encantan Suber!!! y cuantos recuerdos traen.

    Un gran saludo.

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! Es una delicia recuperar estos clásicos :)

  5. Que buenos esos gretchings, la lástima es que son todos iguales. Ánimo y a por los Goff!

  6. ¡Gracias, me alegra que te gusten! Son un clásico, yo he crecido en el juego con estas miniaturas :)

  7. Que pasada los Dread, sobretodo el blanco, me encanta el estilo que tenian las miniaturas por entonces, concuerda perfectamente con las ilustraciones y el tono general del juego

    1. Sí, en aquella época las líneas estaban más definidas, me gustan más que la apariencia actual de "chatarreros espaciales", creo que tenían otro tipo de personalidad que me llama más la atención.