Project HeroQuest: Orcs (Pt.1)

More on this project! Some Orcs today...
Told you last week, I have hordes of Orcs

I don't want to have just clone Orcs in the same colours too, so I have tried different basic colours for the clothes:
A Darth Vader card looks upon from behind on this new clone army

Some metals and first layer of shadows

Once again I'm not really sure of how I have come to have 23 Orcs, but I'll try to take the most out of them.
They are not envious, they are just that green
I'm almost finishing them, so I believe I'll post them later this week

This is slowly taking shape...


  1. hmm, I am going to have the same problem myself when I paint my two sets, I like your ideas on how to handle it.

    1. Thanks! This approach is kinda crazy, but it pays off in the end. Go get'em!!