Winter is coming (No, this is not what you expect...)

Frostgrave caught my attention since the beginning, just like everyone else. I got the rulebook and I really wanted to run some games, a little campaign, see what was it like... That was, I don't know, a couple of years ago? Since then. Since then I've been wanting to do something about it. In fact I had a clear idea I wanted to do last year before Christmas, but time caught me, calendar expired, blah blah. The time is now. I'm doing it this year. But if I want to have it finished by Christmas, I better hurry now.

'But what are you talking about, deranged man?' I hear you say. 'Why the obsession with Christmas? Can't you play a game... well, whenever you want?'
Of course, but as weird and silly as this particular project is going to be, it would be even weirder and sillier in August. Let me explain...

I got the following mini from the first DieHard Miniatures Kickstarter. I had quite a particular idea for it, and I'm not sure of where did it come from. But I certainly envisioned quite a specific magical person...
His true name was forgotten in the mists of time. Most people call him Klaus, Klaas or other variants, it depends on the country where you ask. Some people just call him 'Father'. His origins are also unclear. Some rumours and legends say that he comes from the South, the warm, mysterious South. Most people believe instead that he dwells in the eternal ice of the distant North. Truth is elusive.
Many years ago, a pact was sealed. He took an oath to pay tribute to the Men. It is still a matter of debate if this was done wholeheartedly or if it was a result of the dark war who confronted the Realm of Men and the Realm of Faerie. The only thing that is a fact is that he is compelled to pay a tribute every year. Every single year, the night before Christmas...

Nowadays people depict him in a different way, all in red. But it was not so in earlier times...

OK, now you see where am I going to with this. There was something in the mini, I couldn't say for sure what was it, that made me think about the most typical magical being in Christmas time, but not in the ubiquitous current red Santa Claus fashion, but closer to the idea of Father Christmas, an earlier vision of the character. I was visually thinking of the version we saw in The Witch, the Lion and the Wardrobe movie. Kind of.

Now, who would be part of Mr. Klaus Warband? Who will be his companions into the frozen ruins to ransack old pieces and treasures that would eventually become the presents this mysterious Wizard has to gift the humans? Well, tradition speaks of Elves...

Every Wizard needs an Apprentice...
She's casting these rare spells known as 'Carols'

Otherworld was quite an obvious choice for most of the warband, as the Elves in their ranges totally fit in the Frostgrave theme. So here we have some pillagers...

Do they look like Mr. Klaus' Elves?
The one on the right is from Northstar, but suitably blended in

So three thieves, an archer, a treasure hunter and finally, a barbarian...

Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer beastman (Northstar too)
This is the full warband:

Ready to rob the gifts you may (or may not) receive this year
In all their seasional fashion

I honestly have to admit I have no clue of the actual gameplaying, as I've only read the Frostgrave rulebook, but never actually played (yet), so I'm not that sure, for example, of what Wizard type better suits this particular magic user. Chronomancer, as he delivers the gifts all over the world in just one night? Illusionist, as he manages to bear the magic of Christmas among this dark realm? Thaumaturge, as he pretends to peacefully accomplish his mission? If any of you has experience with the game, I'd appreciate your thoughts on the subject!

BTW, just a bonus. If I've built this bizarre warband, what kind of rival may they face? Who would dare to oppose such colourful Elves? That's the next part of this project. Thanks to Otherworld...

...this chieftain Gnoll will be the Grinch himself
So I'm building a Gnoll warband ;) I hope I have them ready in time!


  1. Inspired, Suber! Hope they give you lots of fun gaming.

    1. Thank you! It's a whole new adventure for me, I'm really looking forward to seeing how it all works :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, mate, still a lot of work ahead, I'm trying to have it all in Schedule!

  3. Oh, superb mate, what an excellent warband!! Be careful with Frostgrave though - it is addictive, and the D20 is a cruel mistress :-)

    1. Haha, I've been told so! I hope to have some brief introductory games with this band and the Grinch's and then let's see what happens. Thank you!

  4. Cracking looking warband. I am the same have got most the Frostgrave books. Just need to find the motivation to gets some warbands finished so I can get some game in with the kids.

    1. Thanks! I have been neglecting this project for so long. If the first few games go on well (as I expect) I may think of further campaing settings or whatever :)

  5. Gran trabajo! Me han encantado.

    1. ¡Gracias! Es una ida de pinza graciosa, a ver qué tal la otra banda :D

  6. The full warband looks so impressive Suber ... very impressive ^_^

    1. Thanks! I'm all in for Christmas! :D