Blog 10th Anniversary (long review)

 10 years ago I started a blog. A few fellas were insisting me "man, you need a blog", "oh, but I feel comfortable in the fora". Well, at last I heard them and came here to Blogger! I had tons of questions, starting on the very name of the blog (I wish I had come with a better one, but I don't think I'm changing it after this long), the way to upload pics, even the language I was to use (by now I'm pretty sure you've noticed English is not my native tongue!).

I had quite a large stock of old pics, but was I making too many updates? Not enough to keep people interested? Would my work be up to the internet standards, would people like what I was doing? Was anyone in fact reading me? You know, all the noobie questions. I guess everyone's been there in one way or another. 

During the years some blogs came, some others left, and a few are still out there, still rocking. Because despite everything, here we are, 10 years later. Blogs were a thing back in 2012, quite more than they are today. Facebook came and threatened to engulf everything, yet here we are. Instagram is taking all the artists these days with its visual appeal... Yet here we are. A number of other platforms have (and will) come, but I still feel comfortable here, doing what I do. Updating whenever I have something to show and not caring anymore but to please my own taste (yet trying to be hard to please).

So this blog is kind of my own Hobbit hole. The place where I come to feel comfy, where I can have all my hobby pics organised and at reach (I survived the Tinypic debacle. It took me like a couple of years of willpower to restore all the pics lost from 2012 to 2019) and where I can lose myself on the blogroll and keep updated of so many talented, inspiring artists out there. That's you, stubborn, old fashioned fellas, still caring to share your thoughts and stuff on your wondrous blogs! This blog is still working partly because all of you, I love interacting with you all, even if I don't get but to drop a couple of words on your comments sections. Know that even when they are lousy, my words are always sincere!

But enough chit chat! I'd like to have a look back to what I've been up to since last November.

First of all, I finished the AvP project:

"Finished". Ha! Spoiler: I have new minis to paint! That will be for another day...

I made this strange couple:

Wandering through the galaxy

2022 started strong with Orks:

Viking Orks lookin' for Squig Mead

The long desired box for the Gargant

But also had time to get the Ol' Painless out of the bag

And to revive my likings for Undead. Revive, haha, I said revive

I went full Rogue Trader with the lovely Bombots

I had a Secret Santa with my pals in April (can we call upon Santa in April? Is it legally permitted?)

I painted this

And received this wonder

After such a long time, I finally put my hands on the Astropolis crew, which I turned to my setting:

It's been a good year for scratch building. I made these grav mules:

For more scratch stuff keep on scrolling

And I had the chance to get back to the colourful World of Twilight:

I got some more Ork artillery done:

This year I had to stay abroad for a few months due to work issues. I used the opportunity to connect back with myself and to draw again, something I hadn't done in years:

I've also started a crazy, yet most exciting project, a 28mm scale Athenian trireme:

I hope you'll see plenty of her in the near future

I've used a lot of unusable stuff:

I've learnt that John Deere in fact has a copyright on those colours!! I hope I don't get a C&D

And I've also been back to my most beloved mining town vertical board:

After some more Orks...

And Rebel zombies...

...I'm closing this 10th year of blogging with two crazy scratch built projects. The space ship made from a pencil holder:

The... Calmy? Tranquility?

And of course the floating turbines from a couple of weeks ago:

All in all, I would say this year has been fruitful. I'm afraid that those years with 80 or 90 posts are long gone, but I'm still enjoying every single mini I paint, and that's quite more important than anything else. I sadly don't get to play (wow, not a single game this year! Gasp!), but that's something I do have to take care of!

I know you've seen plenty of pics by now, but I think that a blog doesn't get to become 10 years old everyday! I believe the number deserves a brief review of its whole existence!

Well, let's face it. There's no way I can make this brief! Just please indulge me on this day and allow me show a few random pics of old, I hope I can see any evolution on my work!

Get ready for time travel!


Little thing to show, barely a month of posting. Mostly my old Black Legion

This belongs to a time in which I planned to draw regularly and have a blog with both miniatures and art (sigh)

I still have this on the shelf!

Ahh, my old Imperial Guard army...


Most productive year ever. I also planned to have a very varied blog, with lots of different stuff

I've been wanting to redesign the Paratroopah for 10 years

Dreadfleet and the dreadly rigging

Oh, you remember the War of the Ring game painted?

I played Kill Team before it was invented! With Rogue Trader rules!

My first take on Realscale Marines!

The Book of the Astronomican campaign!

The extensive conversions on Zombicide minis


Productive year too!

Time to play WH40K 2nd Edition

I made a lot of larger scale stuff back then!

Da pirate landship!

That time I took a 3-week course on photoshop and never drew again ever since :(



I'll try to pick as few posts as I can, or else this will be endless!

But no one can resist Battlefleet Gothic!

WH40K2. Field police and the wrecking ball incident. You gotta read it

Last time I played Epic. Shame on me!


I'll try to keep it brief!

From Imperial Assault conversions...

...to my first complex scratch built structures

Cops & Thieves, Rogue Trader edition

Mutant Warband made with GW's The Hobbit Goblins


This was the year I finally lost any remnant of shame I still had and dared to show my puny art in the shape of an ooold WH40K comic I had started back in 2003 -and never finished!

GW's "Fury of Dracula" with metal minis!

First incursion in World of Twilight

Frostgrave. Father Christmas and his Elves against the Grinch and his Gnolls


A very 40K oriented year!

The completion of my Arbites

Scratch built Genestealer Cult vehicle. Not exactly a limo

Don Quirixote of Manchae Prime and Sancho Panzer

Last time I used this board. A strike, protesters and the Governor trying to escape

A dungeon for the Genestealer cult. I still have to finish this project!!!

My own version of Underworlds: Shadespire

With my own 3D version of the boards, of course

A new take on Realscale marines


I'm speeding up!

A commission for a second set of Don Quixote and Sancho

Ash wastes tanker

More weird Underworlds Shadespire

Ohhh, this is how this board started...

I needed to build this unnecesary building!

Those are not Gargants, but Windmills!

Maori Realscale Space Sharks Marines

This blog is oldschool for a reason!


Are you still there?

Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand...

Don Quirixote faces Khoron Avir and the Cult of the Covidians

Will I be crazy enough to build full fleets this way?

Da white Dread!

Chivalry, epic poems and crazyness in 20mm

The mining suit for the Genestealer Cult

Another wasteland walker

Hur hur hur


Last review!

Sudden loss of sanity points. The whole Conan Kickstarter

If only I also had a shovel

United Orks of Benetton

In the pipe five by five

 And so we got to 2022, wich you already saw!

If you got down here, congratulations! You scrolled through a decade of hobby. Wow. Ten years, and Blogger says this is post #600, so it's a happy coincidence to have such round numbers today :)

I wouldn't say this exactly qualifies as a life achievement, but well, it's pretty close! I'm so happy to share the event with you all, which have grown close through time. I won't get tender and say I love you... But I love you, guys! Thanks for reading, for commenting, for just being out there all this long. Your blogs, older or newer, are inspiring, your feedback is highly encouraging and I'm glad I can share this hobby with you. Here's to you all!

So, today starts Season 11 of this show! Not that I have a script (which I wouldn't follow anyway), but you've seen I have pleeenty of work ahead. So wish me luck and let's see what happens! Grab a seat, get comfortable and know you are always welcome to my humble Hobbit hole. After all, a Hobbit hole is a place as good as any other to start an adventure...


  1. Happy Blogoversary Suber, have enjoyed your blog immensely, and never know what you will show next, which adds to the fun of your next post. Your scratch built stuff is awesome and always very creative, as is everything you post, hope your blog continues, and continues on for many years to come.

    1. Thank you very much! Not even me knows what comes next! :D I just do stuff for fun, so everytime I finish anything I simply improvise depending on the mood -for the moment it works for me!! :D

  2. Happy Anniversary mate! ( have the same 10 in this year!)
    Great to see all of your super works!

    1. Thank you! 10 years sounds like a lot, doesn't it?

  3. Wow, so much awesome stuff! My main thoughts are that you've definitely improved over the years and you're very good at weathering! I like the artwork, too. I hope the blog continues for many more years, it's been a real inspiration!

    1. Thank you very much, Toby! I hope I have improved at least a little! You know, you say something I was talking about, the conversions you do are a constant inspiration for me, for example! That's the kind of mutual feedback I find so fantastic about blogging. Cheers, mate!

  4. ¿Qué se puede decir…?, diez años de ganas, ilusión y proyectos sacados adelante, a base de tesón y horas de sueño robadas. Los resultados, están a la vista, ya me gustaría a mí, que aunque fuese uno de esos maravillosos proyectos, hubiesen salido de mi imaginación y mis pinceles.

    Sé que no es justo elegir, pero de todos ellos, sin lugar a dudas, destacaría el maravilloso pueblo minero, ya que creo, que aglutina, todo tu buen hacer de estos diez años. Así que estoy deseando que se cumplan otros diez y poder seguir acompañándote en este increíble viaje que has emprendido.


    1. ¡Muchas gracias! Sí, dormir poco y dedicarle todo el tiempo libre posible a esto, no tengo ningún otro secreto, jaja. Me queda muchísimo trabajo por delante con el pueblo minero, ¡pero espero acabarlo antes de los siguientes diez años! XD

  5. Huzzah!

    Congratulations on ten years of blogging!

    I fondly remember quite a few of those posts and will need to have another peruse through your inspiring work!

    Blogger for all its quirks and annoyances is still an utterly brilliant hobby resource and its a shame so many great blogs have fallen by the wayside over the years (mine included from time to time!). I've found its still by far the best way of posting long form articles, pictures and whatnot as Instagram and Facebook just can't compete.

    Here's to another decade of awesome miniatures and art!

    1. Thank you very much! When writing the post I was like "Oh, this was seven years ago? Impossible!" I had to select posts, or else this would have been a neverending recopilation, but I've remembered the good times I've had with all this :)
      Right, blogger still remains the best option for me. The kind of interaction is great, I do need the sometimes long texts, not just a bunch of pics with little or no context at all, and the community is by far the best thing ever. Let's keep on seeing where this takes us all!

  6. Thank you for sharing your hobby journey. Life moves fast; and I also find that blogging provides a personal accounting and more importantly, a reminder of what we have done throughout the years (as our memory gets worse!)

    1. Thank you very much! Indeed, I keep record of my work here, it's the best way to find my old stuff! :D
      BTW, how come I'm just discovering your blog right now!! I'm going to have a good look at it, looks gorgeous!

    2. Thank you. I also see it as a way to keep track of what I have done over time

  7. Congratulations! It has been a privilege to see your work and occasionally sharing a table with you during this 10 years! You can be proud.

    1. Thank you very much! You are indeed a relevant part of the blog, you can take credit for some of the wildest games here! Best gaming experiences ever! I do hope we still have many of them ahead!

  8. Esa flota mola mil. Y su comentario... las flotas que están por llegar son las mejores. Que son muchas!

    Enhorabuena por tanto tiempo, y buen trabajo.

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! De verdad que tengo que retomar ese proyecto de una vez por todas...

  9. Happy anniversary, love the blog, and keep up the good work. I prefer blogs over FaceBook and Instagram too - long may they keep going!

    1. Thank you very much! Let's keep the blog stronghold!!

  10. Always enjoyed your posts, mate. Happy 10 years! .P

    1. Thank you so much! I'll try my best to keep up! :)

  11. Congratulations Suber! That's one heck of a milestone. I really enjoyed your walk through the history of your site, so thanks for sharing! The one thing I learned was... I need to do some more scratch builds next year. I'll call it a Suber Build!

    1. Haha, thank you very much! But beware! This scratch building sh*t can get you hooked! :D

  12. Ten years is indeed an achievement, especially when you've created so many wonderful pieces for us all to Ooo and Ahh over during that time. I'm newer to your blog than most, but I've slyly crept back through some of your older posts in my free-time to see what you'd done in the past and it was cool to see some of those (Space Sharks!) projects featured in this roundup.

    My own humble blog is only a year older than yours, funny how blogging became such a thing ten-ish years ago and now.... a fraction of us old hold-outs are still using this form of media to preview and share our projects. Long may that continue. :)

    1. Thank you so much, pal. Right, you said it all, it's quite a thing to think about. I've enjoyed a lot getting this post prepared, reviewing old works, seeing the things I used to do and how I take different approaches now. I feel comfortable with this media, how the works are shown and organised and especially the way to interact with people. I pretend to stick around for some time!!

  13. Happy anniversary and at least ten more of these special days!
    Only a little over a year ago we arrived in the world of bloggers, and about at that time we know your blog, but it has now become an integral part of our world of hobbyists. Scrolling through the photos of 2022 alone, we said to ourselves several times: "Ah, I remember this... and this...". However, only by scrolling your journey back in time did we realize that we had just seen the tip of the iceberg of a long and prolific activity. Yours is always a rich, creative and witty blog: I think we'll follow it for another ten years, resisting the sirens' call of social networks...but aren't we "old school" at heart too?

    1. Carissimi R & D, grazie mille! Thank you very much, this is what I mean about the interaction between bloggers, I love how we get involved with each others' projects. I hope we keep on the path together! Cheers!

  14. Thanks for that summary.
    10 years of blogging is hell of ace hobby work - thanks fot that!!!
    I am also kinda pissed most of the hobby attention moved to FB, Insta or wherever else, but I really love to know where did I put models on my Blogger site 😉

    Waiting for the next decade of hobby updates from you - at least! 😀

    1. Thank you very much! You're right, I do need the blog to keep track of my stuff! As a matter of fact, it is sometimes easier for me to find a pic of a specific model here rather than looking for the actual physical thing in a box!

  15. Congratulations! I have only been around for a while (6 years?) but it has all been great. You make so many cool and inspiring projects, and looking back you have some amazing productivity too!

    Looking forward to the next 10 years!

    1. Thank you very much! I believe it's so cool to share this kind of community, where we can get inspiration from each other. Good you are back again, looking forward to your work :)

  16. Mec, I've been following your blog for a while, having started mine almost 10 years ago as well (anniversary in a few weeks).
    It's taking us back but I believe the journey has been made incredible by having people such as you and plenty others along the ride.
    There have been plenty of moments where you inspired us or had us think "wish I had thought of that before", here's to another 10 if Google will let us !

    1. Thank you so much, it means a lot, you are quite an obvious reference and influence for my humble work! I only regret not being able to get more involved with the community and you all, guys! Cheers!!

  17. happy anniversary there's some amazing work there well done mate

    1. Thank you very much!! I'm such a devoted fan of your work, your Rogue Trader stuff is wondrous, I'm so happy to share my silly projects with such a distinguished company!

  18. Congrats Suber for sharing your hobby via your blog for so long. And you have been a very busy bee haven't you, with so many projects this year :)

    1. Thank you! I'm quite less productive that I'd like! But I'm still riding, that's what counts...

  19. Peeero que ascazo de tío!

    Tus entradas son siempre mullidas como un sillón. Las mías son como sentarse en un taburete... puesto del revés! (Ouch).

    Cómo pasa el tiempo, eh? ...con alguna foto me he quedado un poco "wow, hace tanto de esto!?"

    Again, congrats not only for your hobby achievements but for these balls of steel you got to carry so hard: updating on constant basis which means you taking time to shot some pics, upload and write senseless stuff in English.

    I hope I will be reading something similar 10 years in the future, with my flaming new cybernetic eyes.

    1. ¡Jaja, muchas gracias! Me ha pasado algo parecido al preparar el post, "¿esto es de hace ocho años? ¡No puede ser, será de hace tres como mucho!" :D

  20. Congrats! I don't think I've been following for ten years but I've been blogging longer than that. For a recent post I dug up an old digital photograph of some plague marines I took in 2002. Before that I don't think I had a digital camera so there are scans of photographs, still got almost all my minis from the 90s might have lost one or two over the years. I can't paint like I used to, but I hope to make more progress in 2022. Keep at it, Instagram is immediate, but the blogosphere is old school.

    1. Thank you so much. There's something curious about how we perceive the hobby and the time spent on it, isn't it? When I was getting the pics back and preparing this post I realised I wasn't really aware of how long had been since I had painted that or another model. This is quite an experience, and I'm so glad there are so many people on the same boat :)