Thursday, 27 December 2012

Imperial Guard (Pt. 3). Vehicles

Imperial Guard again ;)
If I already showed you how I identify infantry units, you can expect for sure that I'm doing the same with vehicles:

Bulky and dirty
I use the same system, but exchanging the circle for a square symbol, which represents armoured units.

Yeah, it's in the sponsons

Not very original, but effective
The essence is just the same, with little variations, due to the nature of an armoured unit. The Regimental number goes above and then you can see the "Company" and "Platoon" numbers. Well, talking about armoured cavalry and artillery units you should use terms as Squadron, Group, Battery... but Warhammer rules don't make that distinction, so I dont't want to mess you up.

Plain scheme, I didnt want camouflage patterns
You can see the designation number for the tank itself on the turret, being coherent with the marks on the sponsons. The above Leman Russ Tank is the Third Vehicle belonging to the First "Platoon" of the Second Company.

And so it works for any other vehicle:

On these numbers you can deduct that the 4th Company is an Artillery one

First "Platoon" is formed up with Basilisks, the Second one with Griffons

I've been encouraged to use decals for the numbers. I should have done so, but I didn't have enough numbers that size, so I finally did them freehand (can you call "freehand" painting numbers? Well, whatever).
I did use decals (and painted on them to unificate colours) on other models:

Too clean, too clean!

Besides overpainting the decals, I greenstuffed the guy, the original miniature was entirely bald
I also did the same here with the Imperial Eagles. They're decals which I painted brown:

Again, the same identification system

I ran out of decals, so I had to figure out an impact on the front of the hull

Ooops! Watch your step!
Finally, I'm showing you a car from Antenocitis Workshop. I fell in love as I saw this one:

Resin and metal
I had to get a pair of GW minis inside:

Awful photo, as usual

It suits perfectly to Warhammer scale. You can see it here beside a Tauros Venator from Forge World:

I should replace the weapons to "warhammerize" the model

Well, that's all for today. It's difficult to play with all these models at a time (Apocalypse games are pretty difficult to set up within my schedule), but it's worth painting them.

I'd like to post the rest of this Guard before the year ends, let's see if I'm capable of it...

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