Sunday, 16 December 2012

Old School 2nd Edition Orks

Hi again! Back to 40K, I'm showing you some Goff Clan Orks from the old times. These minis were released with the glorious never equaled 2nd edition of the game back in 1993. This is the classic Ork model:

Kinda usual suspect
Ain't it?

This is a commission work, but I had to face a problem: there were only 19 Orks and a modern Nob to act as the boss. The design is little bit different, so I assumed I had to do something to make it look "old school style". The original model was this:

I'm too modern to be in this blog
So let's the greenstuff works begin:
Oooh! I got cushions on my abs...
Greenstuff, greenstuff everywhere...
On the front and on the back
I have tried to make it look just similar to the other Orks. Not exactly the same, but just to make you recall the lines. I had to soften the face too as the modern models look too fierce and not so goofy as the old ones:

And big ears, never forget about'em
So this is it:
When painted, it looks like his:

 And this is the aspect of the boss with the rest of the bunch:

I thought of sculpting a helmet for the Nob, but I finally went for the coloured ponytail, I think it suits it well. This is part of a much bigger project, so you will see plenty of old Orks in the future. Let me know what you think about them!


  1. I think they are beautifull!!!! :D

  2. In his moment I did not like at all these miniatures. Now, since they are vintage, they have his captivation.

    Fantastic work with the noble, too.

  3. Thank you very much! :) The idea for the Noble just came up quite naturally, I think it was what the model needed to fit in the unit and not to look out of place. I'm glad you like it!

  4. Esa escuadra de orcos tiene un aire nostálgico que me encanta.


  5. ¡Gracias! Esa es la idea de este proyecto, rescatar minis antiguas y traerlas de nuevo al presente :)

  6. I write in english to keep in the mood :-)

    Great work, man. I had 20 of those and get rid of them... Never saw the time or willness to paint them.

  7. Thanx! :)

    These figures are more detailed than it seems at the beginning. I was looking for a speed painting work and finally I needed more time than expected :S