Sunday, 30 December 2012

Imperial Guard (Pt. 4). Aerial support

I know, I said that I would like to have finished with Imperial Guard before year ended, but it seems quite impossible task. Anyway, let's advance a little. Today, the Valkyrie aircraft.
Another aspect of my obssesive way to understand the personalization of my minis is related to the interior of vehicles. See what I mean:

Yes, that white thing is the first-aid kit. It seems that everybody forgets abot that and I belive it's essential in any transport!
That was a (failed) attempt of red light flashing. Not ready for jumping out yet!
A sight of the interior, showing the aircraft in battle condition:
You expected it clean? Get out to the field and let's see how long does anything keep clean
The bench belongs to the Forge World resin kit with this wonderful crew:
Elysian parachutists, recycled as an assault team for my Regiment
Amazingly detailed minis indeed
 Here's the complete interior, including the artillery crew:
We're crowded inside!
The colour and identification system is just the same I've already shown you:
Circles for Infantry, squares for armoured vehicles... Triangles suited well the aerial support
The door handle is not part of the kit, it's an improvisation of mine: just a staple glued to the door ;)
I've become quite fond of detailing kits with little signs and indications, as they are part of real military vehicles. Caution signs, instructions and so.
Decals which I painted over and tiny signs everywhere
Not much improvisation on the cockpit, just painting the detailed interior:
A real cockpit has way many more buttons, but what the hell, it's a sci-fi figure...
I placed a HUD to improve the model. It' just a little piece of transparent plastic with random signs painted on it :)
As this is Warhammer 40,000, I couldn't put the signs in English. They are all in Gothic (plain Latin). So there's no "watch your step" but "cave pedes", and no "air intake" but "aeris ductus":
I know you can't read them but believe me, they're there
The final result is this:

Ready for duty
Okay, guys, did you like it?
Have a nice end of 2012, we'll meet again in venturous '13. Happy new year!!


  1. Your attention to detail is astonishing.

    It's clear that you love the process more than the result.

    Happy 2013!

  2. Haha, that's where all the fun is, in the creation of the project!
    Happy 2013 to you too!

  3. Increibles, me ha encantado sobre todo el interior que es a todo detalle.


  4. ¡Gracias! :)
    Es con lo que más disfruto, de verdad, sabiendo que cada mini es única.

  5. Great detailing work, makes all the difference to the final model.


  6. Thank you! I do believe that these tiny details make your model unique, I truly enjoy thak kind of things. I'm glad youlike it!