Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Imperial Guard (Pt.1): HQ

Hi folks!

Today I'm showing you an Imperial Guard army, or at least part of it. I have particular obsession with details. I believe that details make the difference. You can have a fine army, but making it personal is what gives it the point, it becomes truly unique. That's what I tried here. Let's go for it:

Well, WTF is this? you're wandering. Let me explain...
Desert pattern camouflage, but not absolutely modern, not pixel pattern, not MARPAT neither ACU (though I used it for... no, that's for another day). I liked the idea of showing not just a bunch of minis, but having my own little diorama for the HQ Squad. Let's see them in detail:

Yeah, the longcoat is quite useful in the desert
The Captain is a Commissar Yarrick figure. I severed the right arm -again (no pun intended) and painted it with these colours. The blue is pretty distinctive and I used it as the Regimental colour. The other guy originally belonged to the Praetorian Command Squad blister, but I arranged him into my army with some greenstuff and a good cutter ;)

Pretty old mini, new look
The standard bearer is from RT old times. The banner itself is made of plastic, I don't remember where I took it from.

Freehand insanity
As I was going crazy on this Celtic theme, I decided to do something funny. I recalled the Gaunt Ghosts novels and the morale inspiring music of bagpipes. This came up into my mind:

Hark when the night is falling...
It's a lot of greenstuff and little thing else

... Hear, hear, the pipes are calling loudly...
I didn't intend to use this mini in the game, but the Codex allows you to get a bodyguard, so I guess it suits fine in that role. Again, I think of the character of Brin Milo in the Gaunt Ghosts novels.

New things: I wanted something different for the Master of the Ordnance option, as I thought that the current figure of a single guy with a radio wasn't enough.

Please come into my office
Of course this doesn't properly represent an Artillery Command Post, but I think it works better that the radio guy.

Scratch built with pieces from everywhere

Of course it's not a Mac. This is Warhammer
The map is just a little piece of paper. I guess I had steady hand that day, I wasn't abusing of coffee.

Okay, dude, so where's my car?
Acting only as a part of the diorama and nothing else, I got these two guys, the stretchers:

We're superfluous, but look good here
Ready to get the injured men safe. Here you can see them with the medic (which has its usefulness in the game). I thought it was kinda logic that the medic had somebody with him to help.

Ooops, my bad, burned saturated colours in the photo, sorry
For the command vehicle I wanted something different to the tipical Chimera APC we have always seen. It's made from pieces of toys, mostly TENTE blocks (A Spanish alternative to LEGO back in the '80s. Finer pieces that allow real wonders, believe me)

Completely different, but slightly Imperial looking
With some bits to warhammerize it:

Finally, this is the result:

That's how my insanity took control over my hands and ended up having a diorama. Next day I'll talk about this army and different ways to personalize units. I hope this HQ Squad is promising and you come back!

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