Sunday, 2 December 2012

Old looking Black Legion Squad

Another old piece in my Black Legion army (oh, wait... I still say my, but I actually sold it to my friend Miguel, so please excuse me, I miss those tiny figures. BTW, I encourage you all to visit his quite recent web A truly must see in Spanish wargaming panorama). What was I saying... Oh, yes. Another old piece in my former Black Legion army was this Rogue Trader Squad. I repainted it some years ago in Black Legion colours and I used the Egyptian pattern I was getting fond of then.

Awful photo, I know, I know...

No spikes, no mutations, nothig like that. It would pass like any loyal Space Marine Legion -apart from the colours and the squakey Eye of Horus, of course.

No frakking instagram, the photo is just itself this blurry

I attached a Rhino APC to this Squad. It's a Mk.I, of course, as it's the only thing that truly suited this guys.

Broken exhausts and no original bolters, I tried my best

Also, all the bars were broken and/or missing :(

Hey! One fine exhaust! So there!

Finally, here it is the family photo, the Squad and its transport.

 Although Forge World is currently selling models which try to simulate the original figures, I still think these old ones are unsurpassable in their own way. It's most probably the nostalgia factor, but I'd rather prefer them than the new ones. Don't misunderstand me, I also bought some of the Forge World marines, but these tiny little pieces of plastic have a place in my heart ;)

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