Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Interlude: Jabba's Palace

A very quick anecdotal update. I know this blog is supposed to be about my various gaming/painting/drawing projects with some old school flavour. But what the hell, the occasion deserves it. This Christmas, my wife gave me this present:

The box says "9-14 years". We completed it just in one afternoon
Last monday we had all the bricks strewn on a table and mounted it.

That's my wife gettin' turned into the geeky side of the Force
The present was really indeed a surprise, I didn't expect anything like this, so it makes it more valuable.

Though apparently a 9 years old kid can set this, we needed the instructions manual

Yes, there are only photos of her, I believe she enjoyed even more than I did
The kit isn't exactly small:

We need some sand to set in the Palace
This is its aspect once on the shelf:

E chu ta! Cheesa beecha wonky Chewbacca!

Believe or not, this is almost the first LEGO set I've already had, apart from some small kits from some years ago. That's why I decided to share :)

Nothing else today. Back to our regular programme, I'll be back with Dreadfleet as promised next friday. See you then!


  1. I knew that in Lego they did not bad they ot made quite reproduction of Star Wars but that the I not know
    Nice look

  2. Thanks! :)
    I realize what you mean. Lego has evolved quite a lot. I didn't have those sets as a child (there was a Spanish company, 'Tente', which I was really fan of), but I knew them. What I see is that there are quite specific pieces nowadays, which I really don't imagine fitting for good on other models. So, however having new amazing sets and more variety on the whole, I miss some of the 'imagination and creativity' concept from the old times.

  3. I was also a big fan of Tente. More of an engineer's training suite than Lego, if you ask me. I miss that company.

  4. Haha, me too, those blocks were finer than Lego and the models were way more creative, complex and challenging. Ahh, we are getting definitely old...

  5. Agh! Green with envy now! :DDD

  6. :D
    The one thing that most scares me is that this model could be just the beginning of a real collection. I have to remain strong...

  7. If you knew the "beating" I gave myself to assemble Lego Lord of the rings ...