A little diorama today, don't wanna overload you with ships :)

This was a commission work to achieve a Braveheart scene.
I guess you already know the movie

As the client gave me absolute freedom, the option was clear for me, I used this wonderful model by Andrea Miniatures. This was going to be a full set diorama, so I also chose this other mini, to get two minis on the base. Both are 54 mm. scale and absolutely gorgeous.
No, it's not a Futurama head
I started with the basic stuff:

Dancing body

Coloured dancing body

Dismembered dancing body

  Then I went on the funny mayhem. Painting the tartan. If you study a little about the production stuff, you can see this is the pattern used in the movie:

It was later auctioned for an obscene amout of money

Okay, first time I've ever painted anything like this. Little bit scary, I must confess. I went for the horizontal stripes first:
The pose reminds me of Tony Manero

This mess only reminds me of Jack the Ripper
 And then for the vertical ones: 

No way! Too bright and clean!

Much better

The same with the other guy

The project begins to look like something. I glued some pieces then:

So the parts fit in

I had to pay attention then to the blue paint on the faces. I got some pics frome the movie.


Mad Stephen

The mini does not really depict Mad Stephen, I'm quite sure of that, but I think it's a funny charismatic character in the movie and the model reminded me of him, it was quite similar enough, so I decided the mini would represent him.

Once the minis were finished they had these lookings:
They may take our lives...!

...but they'll never take our freedom!

View from the scot guys perspective

This mini is quite imposing

Dynamic and forceful

The next step was the base:

Ugly phone photo

After some putty/greenstuff work this was the result:

Some battle spoils. Andrea Miniatures manufactured again

Alba gu bràth! (I googled that, I'm afraid)

I'm really disappointed with the greenstuff grass, I have to improve a lot

Though the movie does not resist, as any of this kind, any minimally serious historical review (and I will say no more), the scene of the Battle of Stirling is really evocative and no one can argue that. I hope I have caught some of the spirits of it.


  1. Ho ho ... Perfect ! Great work and great paint ! Compliment

  2. Cojonudo! (cant properly translate that)

  3. Thank you both! :)
    It's been a challenge to my skills, as I'm really used to 28mm. wargames, but I like it on the whole. That said, painting kilts is a pain in the arse!!

  4. Thank you! A brand new adventure for me, I like going for different goals. Who knows what will I do next...?

  5. Nice little diorama and very well painted - thank you for posting it.

    I occasionally dable with 54mm and even 60mm figures and the difference in the techniques you have to use is daunting.


  6. Thank you very much, Tony! Yeah, you're totally right; when used to 28mm, these things are challenges. You have to be careful as all the mistakes you make look pretty enormous here!! :S
    But what the hell, once finished it's absolutely satisfying for the creator :)

  7. Replies
    1. Diolch yn fawr! (hope I said it right!) :D