Painting Dreadfleet: Dwarven warships

Easy thing today ;) As I was getting tired of glueing my fingers with all the thread, I decided to go on both Dwarven ships, Grimnir's Thunder and the Black Kraken.

No secrets here, paint & glue:
Again, amazing details even in the inside. Love the dirigible

A fantasy Ironclad Aircraft carrier
Simple as it is (at least compared to the other ships with all the rigging issue), I find Grimnir's Thunder particularly inspiring. And I'm not even fond of Dwarfs.

Let's work with the dark cousin, the Black Kraken. We do just the same, paint and glue:
Simple idea, wonderful design

Captain Nemo could perfectly fit in here
It's way easier when you have no rigging at all ;)

Well, this was a real quick update. Next warship will be full of threads again, don't worry :)


  1. Very nice, and great paint , i like the last image ,This makes me think of the boat's captain Nemo ( Jules Verne )

  2. Me too! Apart of the evil looks of it, this could be a gorgeous Nautilus!