Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Imperial Guard (Pt.5). The rest of the bunch

Happy new year everyone! Did you have a good time getting into 2013?

I want to finish showing you this Imperial Guard once for all. So here they are some of my minis, in no special order, but all of them with some story behind them. First of all, the Sergeant of my Veterans Squad:

Looks like a rough guy?
The upper part of the body belongs to an Imperial Missionaire and the legs were from a Catachan trooper.
In this Squad there is also this other guy, made of plastic pieces from the Catachan troops box:

I look rougher, grrr
This one has some years on it. I still find the pose funny, but I should work out better some parts, specially the shoulder, wrist, etc.
I also got this girl from Hasslefree, as I wanted some variation in my army and there is an absolute lack of female minis for the Imperial Guard:

I really love this mini
And I have some RT minis, here's an example:

Corporal Grumpy, truly a veteran
Also from the Rogue Trader times emerges this Commissar:

A good Commissar has a firm hand
This other Commissar is build up on the basis of a 2nd ed. Mordian Lieutenant with a RT Ork Claw:

 Never shake his hand
The bullet belt has been replaced with a greenstuff sash, to mark the Commissar's position.

This other Commissar was made of old 2nd ed. Commissar Yarrick's body. Only the body. The rest are pieces and greenstuff:

The arm is a little bit odd, but I realized when the mini was finished :(
Both weapons and head are from Space Marines plastic sets. The rest, including the peaked cap, is greenstuff.

Caps. That reminds me other works for these guys. I have this Squad with boonie hats made of greenstuff:

The original models wore berets

And the cap for this sniper, which, as you can guess, is a Vindicare Assasin with an Imperial Guard head and some greenstuff to make clothes and so:

And the goatee, of course
Snipers. That brings me to this other mini (or half mini) made with more enthusiasm than success:

I ran out of bits at that moment, I had to improvise
And to this mini from the Infinity game range which I love:

I modified the gun to make it look more Warhammer style
Finally let me show an experiment. The Stormtroopers. As they don't really belong to the Regiment, but are attached to it for a campaign and can be deployed elsewhere afterwards, I decided to paint them differently, with a camouflage pattern that could adapt to different scenarios. I went for an ACU pattern:

Greyscale pixels. It looked like a good idea in my mind...
Tricky indeed pattern. You have to look out for some things, as it's completely different from the rest of the army. The whole point is about using the colours in a balanced way, I mean with no predominance of one of them over the others. You have to spot little (very little) patches and be aware of the whole picture. If I didn't learn with one Squad, I still repeated it again:

Cadian kasrkin used as Stormtroopers
I'm not sure if I did right. I mean, the camo pattern looks fine, but the minis are just a blurry silhouette. Of course that's the objective of a camouflage, but this is just a game and, specially in Warhammer, the minis are supposed to shine on the tabletop.

But I shine on my own with my greenstuff hair and moustache!
Nothing remarkable here
But well, on the whole I'm quite satisfied with the results.

This is the end of this army, in a few days I'll be back with some different stuff, let me know if you like what you see. :)

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