Monday, 7 January 2013

Painting Dreadfleet: Heldenhammer

New brand project today!
In the nexts entries I'll be showing you what I did to my Dreadfleet ships.

Fantasy naval battles. Pirates, monsters, undead and much more

First of all I painted all the bases:

It took days long with different layers of blue
I put my hands on the Heldenhammer first. Mostly because it looks like a real ship -at least more than others from the game. I painted all the pieces separately, without mounting anything:

Superbly detailed minis, painting them is a real challenge
The next item I required for my project was just thread. Yes, I mean thread:

Can't you imagine what I'm trying to do...?
Aaaand let's go for it. Thread two pieces under the mainmast and glue it to the deck:

Yes, I'm crazy enough to do what you have realized
Then glue the hull and masts:

A ship!
Glue both threads to the foremast and mizzenmast respectively, cutting the excess of thread:

There you have, stayes
That's what I'm trying, somewhat like rigging. There's no shortcut to achieve this, I'm afraid. You have to do all way long to get to the end. So, step by step:

Scissors and glue. And lots of patience
Let's glue them. From bow to stern, beginning with the foremast:

And new threads from the lower mast sail to the base of the mainmast
And so on, threads to the rail of the deck
The the yardarms
Then repeat actions with the mizzenmast. After some hours (days in fact), it should look like this:

Does it look better now?
This is the aspect of this monster pouncing on you:

Why is it called "head"? It's half a body! With a hammer!
A stern view
A closer view to the rigging
Well, that's most of it. Sticking threads one day after another one is a hell of a work, yes, but I think it's worth it, it makes the ship unique, it's different from anyone else's.

Of course the rigging is not "realistic", I didn't even try. This is a fantasy ship, so I just wanted to get the idea of rigging, but not getting it into too much detail. I tried to make it kinda logic decisions, the cables distributing pressure all over the hull, but nothing else. This is just for the show.

While gluing threads and threads, you can go on painting the accessories of the game. So did I:

Obverse, the wind gauge
The back side, the Maelstrom marker
Okay, arrr, that's all for today. What do you think, sea dogs?


  1. Me ha encantado el detalle de los cabos y el pintado te ha quedado muy bien.


  2. ¡Gracias! Es una pequeña locura, pero una vez que empiezas, es un vicio, ¡no puedes parar!

  3. This must go in spanish... Vaya cataplines de contar esto en inglés. Te habrás puesto bien las pilas en jerga nautica, eh? :D

  4. ¡Ja ja! Conozco algunos términos náuticos en español, pero para escribirlo en inglés, Wordreference es tu amigo ;)
    Palabras como "mizzenmast" o "yardarm" me abren un nuevo mundo. ¡Ya puedo leer la serie de Aubrey y Maturin en inglés! :D