Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Painting Dreadfleet: Swordfysh

Time for other warship! Today, the Swordfysh. The good thing is that you are already used to what I'm doing, so I can skip the most tedious parts and be more visual.

Pieces painted
Some people have told me that my first step (painting) is usually the only one they did! Well, I'm flattered, I'm trying to make the difference here, I think the ships come pretty much impressive with this kind of tiny details. I encourage everyone to try! It's a little boring drill, but it's really worth it ;)

Okay, let's begin. The Swordfysh looks more like a real ship than others, so the technique is pretty much the same I used on the Heldenhammer. First of all, threads under the mainmast:

Given the scale, I wonder where do they find trees that size to make the masts
Something I learned here is that it's a good idea widening the hole on the deck a little. Just a little bit. In this case the hole was quite tight and, once I fixed the threads, there was no room for the mast. No kidding. I broke it and I had to glue it carefully. Since then, I have been widening the holes a little with the tip of my scissors. But be careful not to make a hole too big! Well, lesson learned for the foremast and mizzenmast.

My public disgrace on the mainmast. No problem, sails will cover it later
As usual, fix the threads to the sails:

By now, this should have become boring routine to you
And do the rest of the stuff: glue the sails to the masts and fix some thread from the corners of the sails to the deck, from yardarm to yardarm and so on. I'm not showing you again photos of every thread I glue, just let you figure it out:

Begins to look like a ship
But it's not yet complete
Now it is
A real ship would have much more rigging
But looks fine for me
As I've told you, I'm not trying to make it for real, it would be absurd on a fantasy ship. But transmitting the idea of a more complete model makes it work for good, so I'm satisfied.

Let me know your thoughts, landlubbers, arrr!!


  1. That's a lovely looking model, the rigging really brings it to life.


  2. Another a lovely model , great look this boat .

  3. Thank you both!
    I believe the work is worth it, I particularly like this one. As I told, though not being realistic, I think they have some appealing look.