Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Second Edition Ork Characters

Back to a little old flavour today. Not absolute old, but quite enough ;)

I've just finished these 2nd Ed. Ork characters. First of all, the iconic Ghazghkull Thraka:

Chubby and funny. That's an Ork!
The character of Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka was originally developed long time ago for the "Waaagh: Orks" book. From the first conversion by Andy Chambers urged the necessity to sculpt a full mini, this one, which was released for the Second Edition of the game. This is the Ork Warboss par excellence, absolutely charismatic with his companion Makari the banner bearer Gretchin. Though the current mini that replaced this oe -the armoured giant, is quite imposing indeed, I still find this set totally representative of an era.

The next mini is Zodgrod Wortsnagga, other mini released for the Second Edition.

Bright eye-hurting colours. The only way to paint an Ork
With a funny background on its back, this is a full detailed mini again. Though it's classically represented with blue "hair", I decided to try red, I thik it also works for this model. The back banner, as the one the Gretchin is bearing in the previous pic, is just made of paper.

This other mini is a Painboy -or a Mad Dok. I find Ork position names quite revelling :P

Da Doktor is in...
I went for pale colours on this one, trying to resemble a health care professional dressing, but with a leather apron, so it looked like something halfaway between a doctor and a butcher. Now that I see the result, I'm afraid it's too pale looking, maybe it needed more colour.

Stains of green blood all over
That's it, just some minis I wanted to share. I have a lot more of old Orks to paint and show, so I'll be alternating ships with these kind of things and posting different stuff not to bore you.


  1. Very nice models , great paint , i like to the flag .

  2. Thank you! They're nice to paint, specially when you can use that combination of colours and don't have to worry too much on anything :D

  3. I believe they had true charm, much more than the current ones!

    1. I rather loved that old army in wich you never knew what was going to happen next. You could kill as many of your own boys than enemies xD
      This has dissapeared, people only seems to enjoy their games if they just play to win. Kinda sad for me, I think the most interesting part of all this game is precisely building up your army, totally personalizing it. An Ork army is specially suitable for that, it gives you absolute freedom and allows you to forget about tactics or strategy and focus just on fun!
      Well, I guess this is an extinct philosophy...