Monday, 28 January 2013

Second edition Stormboyz & Kommandos

Just finished these other greenskins. Orky time!

Here are the Stormboyz. Back in time when WH40K was intended to provide just fun, Orks were messy almost ridiculous guys which could do anything on the tabletop... but what you expected from them. They were great.
The Stormboyz are the youngest Orks of the tribe and, rebel as they are because of their youth, they don't show any respect for traditions and the lifestyle of their elders. Because of that, they join up in groups and show an extreme... discipline and martial proud! They wear an uniform and march and train as obedient soldiers. Fortunately, when they get old, they abandon these silly ideas and begin behaving as adults XDDDD

Ahh, silly youth...
Here they are depicted in their classic colours, with grey uniforms and red weapons. 80's and early 90's were the age of bright colours. As a part of their funny aspect, their uniforms resemble german ones, to reinforce the idea of discipline and a well trained unit. Once again, these minis are much more charming that the current ones that replaced them.

The Kommandos are infiltrator units that use stealth to strike the enemy. They even understand the concept of camouflage -or something similar. As I previously did with the Goffs, I used an Ork Nob from the Black Reach box to fill in the numbers. As the mini has the modern aspect, I had to work on it to make it look more second edition:

Come to the tailor for an uniform
Under the greenstuff there is a mini, believe me
I had to give the Ork a 'youth' treatment again, to avoid wrinkles and try to soften the face. It was going to be a 2nd ed. Ork, after all.

Making people look younger to make them look older... Paradox!
The back looked this way:

I wonder what he is carrying in that backpack
And the -almost- final aspect was this:

Ready to paint
I doubted what kind of camo pattern was most appropiate. I first thought of the classic one, black and red, but I discarded it. I went for some kind of 'usable' camouflage, almost serious real one.

Too dark and plain, not Orkish at all
I went on a grey and green basis with spots in different browns. I know that it looks a little pale and dull, but I was going for the red weapons and so later, so I thought it was a correct way to emphasize those aspects, making the observer focus on that and avoiding a completely full coloured mini.

Now it's beginning to look different, ain't it?
As you can see, I replaced the Nob's gun and made a little work on the axe to make ir more similar to the other guys. The final result is this:

We don't look so bad!
Though the current minis that replaced these have some funny interesting details, once again I still prefer the old ones.

I believe I'll show you some even older minis between the ships, I have some RT Orks awaiting for their moment to show up...


  1. You have made a fantastic job with the Nob!

    And red weapons! As they should be.

  2. Really Great paint , nice figurines

  3. Thank you both! :)
    I've tried to catch the spirits of that age, I hope I have achieved it, at least a little.

  4. Stormboyz were always the best! One of the funniest ideas of the period. Splendid work with the lot.

  5. Thank you very much! Yeah, they were great, both in concept and design, I'm glad I've had the opportunity to paint them.