Thursday, 6 February 2014

Roy & the Daemonettes

Here I come in front of you to confess, my brethen, that I have failed.

I have not been able of achieving my goal. I tried but simply could not.

'What the hell are you talking about?' I pretend you say, so I can answer anyway.

I have not been able to paint this:

Classic 'Noise Marine'. Too much for me
40K-ers of old know exactly what is this and need no further clarification. For everyone else, let me briefly explain: Worshippers of Slaanesh, the Chaos god of excess and depravation, got themselves into a point in which their normal experiences were not enough. The world seemed dull and grey to them, as their way of life was more decadent everyday and discovered new things which made them unsatisfied of their previous ones. So they needed more extreme excesses: flashy colours, loud noises, extreme pain to feel anything... You know, BDSM was just soft kittens for them.

At some point they discovered/invented/whatever these sonic weapons. That was perfect, noise and destruction altogether. So 'Noise Marines' were born. Extreme colours and extreme noise.

Well, apart from that, late '80 were some crazy times, you know, and GW sculptors were quite fond of heavy metal. So we had Rokk Goff Orks and this model. What can I say, glam rock into 40K.

I have not been able to find any inner peace trying to paint that pattern nor anything even remotely similar to that. Sorry, pals.

Instead of that, I have a few Emperor's Children Marines painted in their classic purple/golden colours, so I went for that with this mini. This is what I got:

Won't say it's better, but I cannot do anything else
I'm not quite fond of this scheme either, but as long as I have some RT Renegades of old in these colours, I'll try to make up a warband and see what happens. I'll show the whole bunch quite soon, as I still have to complete some minis to fill in units.

So here we have Roy the Noise Marine, ready to rock all over the scenarios. He is doing his tour with his choir girls, these two classic Daemonettes:

Itchy? Let us help you
Daemonettes hypnotize their victims and make them believe they are in a lusty dream... till they come to them and tear them apart with her claws.

I have a bunch of Daemonettes sculpted by Juan Diaz, but got these two and had to paint them :)

So these are the rock stars, Roy & the Daemonettes. I believe it's a fancy name, don't you? :P

Hmm, while you wait for the rest of the warband to come along, I'll post this other guy riding a Steed of Slaanesh:

Hi ho Silver, away!
I'm thinking of repainting the Slaanesh Marine I showed you a few weeks ago in this post. It will probably be for good in order to get some coherence in this army... if coherence was an issue for Slaanesh!

Well, now you get an idea of what is coming...


  1. Buf, el marine montando el corcel de slaanesh es brutal, como molaba antes el Caos....

  2. Excellent and great colors .
    Un gran saludo .

  3. Roy y las demonios, un nombre muy adecuado para un grupo de los 80 jejeje
    Gran trabajo de pintura como siempre Suber, pero además en este tipo de miniaturas presta más, da como nostalgia el volver a ver las miniaturas por las que empezamos en el vicio... ahis.... lo que fuimos y lo que somos.... ;)
    un saludo

  4. Well The noisemarine is looking splendid to me and it's ice to see an alternative and more coherent paintjob on him.

    The 2 Daemonettes are absolutely superb ! I have them and never got to paint them because they are not the best sculpt around but your paintscheme is absolutely great!. So chaotic with a rock vibe ! I really love them.
    The renegade rider is looking like he's coming directly from a page of the "Salves to darkness".

    really good job at display here.

    Congrats Suber.

  5. Pues a mí me gusta más que el original... Al menos no me sangran los ojos.

    Coincido con Will, el marine en corcel es una pasada.

  6. Thank you all! Well, it's nice to see that you like them, it is more than I expected. They are not that much, but they bring some memories, I guess... Thanks!

    ¡Gracias a todos! Bueno, me alegra que os gusten, no me lo esperaba. No son para tanto, pero es verdad que traen buenos recuerdos... ¡Gracias!

  7. I like the guy on the steed in particular, although the painting in the Daemonettes claws looks particularly nice.

    1. Thank you! I'm far, far away from the quality of your work, but I try to get them in proper style!