Slaaneshi warband

All the guys as promised you last week!

Most of them are RT Renegades I painted up in purple and gold. As Slaanesh (un)holy number is six, all the squads will have six members. Six squads of six members each is too much, this is all I got.

First one. This is the leader:
What do you mean by 'your face is unexpressive?'
A standard bearer:
Having a problem with my face too?
And the rest of the guys:
Don't care, I still think I'm beauty

You might have seen the one on the left anywhere...
The whole squad looks like this:
Ooops! I'm just realizing the boss doesn't let you see the banner guy

The second squad is leaded by a guy you already saw in other colours:
New season's fashion

007's 'the man with the golden gun'
Not sure if a marine or a Daemonette in disguise

They look like this when together:
Pure Slaanesh

Well, we have two Squads, but, who is to lead these guys into battle? This one!

Yeah, I know it's from the Fantasy range, but I got the mini and it is cool!

The mini lacked one of the swords, so I replaced it with a spare one I had from somewhere else.

But... Yes, there is a 'but'... What is a Slaaneshi warband without Noise Marines? You saw Roy last week, let me show you the rest of them:
The vocalist has some ego issues

Absolutely ugly, absolutely Slaanesh

Let's rock, guys!
As you can see, they are a mix of pieces from 3rd Ed Noise Marines and regular Chaos Space Marines. I tried to spread the Noise Marines pieces all I could, but I must say I'm not really satisfied with this particular unit.

And this is the complete warband so far:
The lack of scenery is disturbing

So well, I guess it is enough for rumbling along the Galaxy!

I wonder when will they see some action...


  1. That is damn cool, Mr Suber! Really impressed with that little force!

    I think you're noise marine squad is cool, but I can relate to your dissatisfaction with it - I suspect its the (partial?) plastic dude with the pipes. To me - he feels much more jarring with the rest of the noise marines than they do with the rest of the force.

    But forget him - the rest of the force is ace!

    Well done!


    1. Hmm, maybe you are right, there is something there I cannot truly relate to any determined thing, but 'it is there'. Maybe you got the point, hm, I'll have to check it again...

  2. Did I tell you I also have a (smaller) Slaaneshi warband? And painted!

    Maybe they should see each other soon... What do you think? ;)

    By the way, these miniatures look horrible, in the good way. A truly slaaneshi sight.

    1. Seriously? This demands a rock clash!

      Strangely the first thing that has come to mind is the banjo duel in 'Monkey Island 3'. Disturbing...

  3. Great work and paint on this Suber ;)
    Un gran saludo .

    1. Thank you very much, maestro! Appeciated :)

  4. Very effective look on the whole and a very nice attention to each of them to make them tie together. I know from experience matching all those refercnes together is no easy thing but you've done an amazing job here!

    1. Thanks! It is difficult to find any inner peace when painting these, but it is fun seeing them all along!

  5. Awesome figures and great painting. RT is not my thing but I do love these critters.

    1. Thank you! Oh, I know you still have some 40K heart there ;) Your Epic minis are fantastic and I find them inspiring, one day I'll teke mine back...

  6. Replies
    1. Hehe, thanks! Wait to see themo in concert... errr, I mean battle!

  7. Awesome force and the Slaneesh champion from warhammer mixes in well!

    1. Thanks! I wasn't sure at all at the beginning, but I finally thought to go for it. I have the mini, the mini makes it into the army :)

  8. Suber rhymes with Superb!

  9. Wow, these are really nice! Bonus points for the nostalgia trip too! :)

    1. Thank you! You will find lots of nastalgia in this blog, hehehe. Welcome aboard! :)