Slaanesh Noise Dreadnought

Oooops! My bad!

Last day I didn't recall I also have this Forge World Dreadnought! D'oh!

Noise Dreadnought. Problem?

 I kept in in a different box and I had totally forgot about it, poor guy.
Of course I'm angry, you forgot about me, moron!
Not gaudy enough for these Slaaneshi bros, but...
Yup, my arm is a saw, terrible when my back itches

I'm Slaaneshi, so size matters
I painted this some time ago, that's why I had forgot about it. Hmm, the problem is that now it doesn't fit into my RT-ish Emperor's Children warband, as the style and design are quite different. I don't know, I could try, but I'm not sure at all...


  1. I'm not sure if a true Slaaneshi would approve an unified army scheme. I think some colour variation could even be desired here...

    I find your Dreadnought very pretty, by the way. ;)

  2. Even though it doesn't look very Rogue trader to me either, it could very well be some sort of gigantic demonic robot or whatever...
    The only thing he needs I think is some washes on the golden parts to tie him with your other slaaneshi marines and there you go !

  3. Nice work and beautiful colors...

  4. Thank you guys! :)

    Though Rodrigo has made quite a valid point I hadn't thought of, I believe Mr. Asslessman nails it. This beast has not a RT vibe at all, and not even quite a Slaaneshi touch, it looks rather a 'generic' Dreadnought with a few spare parts (as it really is, as a matter of fact).

    Hm, seeing it now, I don't feel comfortable attaching it to my Renegade Force. Maybe I should need a totally different approach, but I don't dare to sculpt a new one from scratch right now!!

  5. No puedo con los comentarios de las fotos... X-D