ISAF Project. Vehicles

Back to the Afghanistan project again :)

The last pieces I'm assembling for this (for the moment!) will be two vehicles.

I got this Humvee and got it painted in Spanish Army colours:
Presumably finished
But when I had it finished I begun to think. 'Well, it is really close to the Spanish model, but... Not close enough'. You know, the kind of stuff that comes to mind from time to time. It simply didn't work for me no more.
Sooo... let's get hands dirty!

Step 1. Some green stuff will be needed to fix that

Step 2... Hey, what's that?

I used a stowage kit from another model to make the bumper. When properly cut, it looked more or less the way it was supposed to be. The wire cutter is just some plastic cut & glued to give it that shape.
Details. Tiny details make all work

The same on the back
Then I painted the sign these vehicles bear to avoid local cars breaking the security distance:
Keep distance in Dari. More or less
So the vehicle definitely looks like this when finished:
It also has Spanish military plates

If you don't keep the sign clean, nobody's going to see it!

Mandatory comparison pic
On the other side, Afghan guys also needed some mobility:
No modification at all this time

That's a serious gun!

Once again, size comparison pic

Both vehicles look like this:
Ready to go
I still have to find a proper turret for the Spanish Vamtac, but it's fine for me for the moment.
I'm afraid I still haven't dared to seriously read the Skirmish Sangin ruleset, I believe I should take my excuses apart and definitely lear how to play...


  1. Nicely painted and nicely modified. Both vehicles look great but that Humvee kicks ass.

    1. Thank you! At first I was going to leave it just painted, but I simply couldn't resist. Details! Everything is about details!

  2. Alucino. Veo la primera foto y pienso "qué pasada, lo ha bordado!", pero no... Se podía mejorar!

    Maestro, a sus pies!

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! Mi obsesión por los detalles a veces es un problema, pero me gusta ver al final el resultado :)

    2. -Ay Sir!
      I say, Simon is right! -The Humwee really Kicks ass!
      It is fantastic dirt composition and all thoose small details, superb!

    3. Thank you very much! As I told him, all is about details! I truly believe that is what makes the difference between a regular model and the one you really want to have!