Monday, 16 June 2014

Aaarrr! Da Ship (Pt.1)

Let me rescue an old project, now that I'm travelling abroad and have no chance to paint. I got an Ork Trukk, but of course I was not going to build just the same trukk everybody has! Tha idea of having a ship on wheels had appealed me for a long time. There are a number of them over the internet, in a much larger scale, but I was not able to build (neither to store!) a ship the size of the Titanic. I was aiming for something humble, but different.

I begun with the normal chassis:

Yup, I know, doesn't look like a ship, give me a moment...
Then the quarterdeck:

No? Not a ship yet? Hmmm...
I used the original front part from the kit to build the prow. I cut it into two pieces and re-positioned them this way:

Upside down, it also helps for my purposes
Beginning to look like something?
I needed some cardboard for the body of the forecastle:

I always keep my works on a budget...
And then some other pieces from the sprues to the quarterdeck:

Looks easy (it is), but takes hours and hours
Let's get some paint on that!

Orky style! Plenty of dirty colours
Painting some pieces in advance before glueing them allows me to go on; otherwise I cannot reach them later.

Aaarrr! Periskop' up!
Nice views...
The Helmsork!
Still unfinished here, but you get the idea
The wire was part of the idea of the helm controlling the rudder. Or something
Sooo... This is what this was looking like at this stage:

Now I guess it is looking better
Well, this is it for today. Let me pick up the rest of the pics and I'll show you the final results in a few days ;)

For the moment I'm still on a job trip in Germany, tomorrow I'll be travelling to Belgium for the rest of the week, but I hope I'll get some more time to keep on blogging!

Hope you like this!


  1. That is awesome. So going to copy that for my freebooterz.

    1. Thanks! Please be my guest, I'd love to see fleets of ork ships all over the net!

  2. Im painting striped trousers on Freebooters at the moment, so this has significant appeal...

    You are making the landship concept look very straightforward to execute too. Very nice.

    1. Haha,Freeboterz are da best! I love the concept of Ork pirates, and I may build up another ship with time, as I said, a fleet of ships would be great to see!

  3. Menuda pinta mas interesante tiene el cacharro. :)

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! Es una cosa con la que se disfruta mucho, como con todas las locuras improvisadas, jajaja

  4. Wow that's super imaginative! ^_^ All that's missing is that pirate-hat wearing ork boss in the W40K ork army. :)

    1. Haha, you're right! I'll have to do that for the next ship!! Thanks for your words! :)