Thursday, 19 June 2014

Aaarrr! Da Ship (Pt.2)

Hiya there, landlubbas! Let's finish up da ship!

Some crew...

Da gunna!
Jayne's Ork Cousin ;)
Well, this is how it was coming along by now:

What shall we do with the drunken gretchin...
I also added a cannon below the keel:

Da kannon!
A view from another angle:

'Ard to starboar'!!
Ok, you see. The problem was that there was a huge empty space on the main deck. I couldn't allow that. I thought of a mainmast which I could put in and out. Of course that would make it impossible to add the rigging, but I thought it would be enough for me.

Provisional concept
I added a maintop made of cardboard with some greenstuff rivets.

On a budget, remember?
This is the piece on the deck that will make the mast stand:

More cardboard...
After some hours (A lot of 'some' hours!) I finally got this:

Aaaarrr! Board 'er!!
Rear Stern view
Hur hur, bring da grog!
We're comin' for ya!
Here you can see the mast when not standing:

For storage purposes
I would have loved to add a forestay, a backstay and shrouds, but I couldn't afford that as I would have never been able to storage that in any place. However, I declare myself satisfied with this, I believe it looks Orky enough and different from the usual Trukk I'm used to see on the boards.

When browsing back to get these pics, I've re-descovered some other Orky goodies, so I may post them over here. I'll decide it on the next days, tomorrow I'm coming back home, so this weekend I'll try to put my hands on some of the pending stuff I still have on my workbench...

See you in a few days! :)


  1. Splendid, I must have missed part 1 somehow but it is a great piece. I'm always amazed when people engage in such colossal projects. It reminds me of Axel DE MOHRENSCHILDT :

    and especially this one :

    1. Hey, I didn't know those, but I love them! Definitely I need more ships!!!

  2. I am loving this pirate ship very much! ^_^ This is an inspiration for me to take out my orks one day and do stuff to them. :)

    1. Thank you very much! Then I'm looking forward to see what you achieve!! :)

  3. Un trabajo fantástico Suber, enhorabuena, me gusta mucho la idea.

    Un saludo.

    1. Muchas gracias; no es ninguna maravilla, pero me parece gracioso :)

  4. Brilliant.

    I quite like that the deck has room for crew and other miniatures. It leaves lots of potential for boarding actions etc.

    1. Thanks! That was another reason for not adding any rigging, just also trying it to be a little functional ;)