Building GW Chapel: Conventional outside. Or not (Pt. 3)

Not many pics today, as I'm afraid I made a mistake: I just went on the rush and totally forgot taking photos of the progress :(.

I'll try to tell you in a few words: The card in the inner walls made it slightly difficult for the kit pieces to totally fit, so I needed some green stuff on the outside corners to make the cornerstones look good. No big deal, just small details. I also had to re-arrange the card on the door wall to let the roof fit properly. Still working on the skull covering issue, I'm not satisfied with my expriments.

Well, after those details I just painted the chapel. Though the fantasy spirits is obvious, I tried not to overdo it. I didn't use the statues (as in fact I'm using one of them for the inside) nor other Warhammer specific elements. I tried it to look kind of 'natural' in colours and tones.
Looks fine, but dull. I feel it lacks something
That's the problem, it looks nothing more than 'correct' to me. This is not the kind of things I'm aiming to. So I think I should try something for the base (remember, it still doesn't have a floor). Not just a simple base, a work-to-go. A new idea has just popped up.  

Yeah, take it to the oven. A great idea

Ehrm... No. Not that.

A tupperhill!

 Well, it looks better in my mind. Don't worry, I'm working on it. Next step is avoiding the regular edges and transforming it into a more organic shape. Hopefully I'll have it totally finished for next post!


  1. Great look , and perfect paint .

  2. Thank you! It's still on the go, but I hope you will see it finished quite soon.