Dark Future: last of the V8's interceptors

After playing some Dark Future scenarios, Keyan Sark made me a proposal I simply couldn't refuse, converting a car to make the last of the V8's Interceptors.
No bells ringing? Then, you are too young, I'm afraid. That's the car from the first Mad Max movie, the one Mel Gibson uses for his revenge (and uses again in Mad Max 2). Being the whole game a tribute to the movies, having this car looked not only a good idea, but even the logical step to take!

Well, no more digressions. Keyan provided me the 'raw material', this 1/64 '73 Ford Falcon XB GT (the original car used in the movies) from Hot Wheels:
Hmm there's some work to do here

The first step was taking it to pieces. That will allow painting it without any risk for the windshield as well as -even more important- painting that green upholstery in more natural colours:

I forgot the windshield piece for this photo
These Hot Wheels cars arte insanely well built, it was a challenge taking the pieces apart and not destroying the whole plastic structure in the process.

After some green stuff work, the front part looked like that:
Not exactly industrial, but it works

 Don't let the pic mislead you, I sweated to get that motor piece. Not totally satisfied with the result, but that's all I can achieve, I'm afraid.
I used an old toy scuba tank from my childhood that I had strangely kept over the years. Man, this car is really handcraft made!

Well, this begins to look what we were aiming for

I could have done some additional work on the exhausts and the headlights, but that would bring some more difficulties when painting the model, something Keyan is doing himself, so we agreed to let it be just this way.

Close enough

I'm eager to see the final result when he paints the model. Hope it is anytime soon! 


  1. Metele prisa a Keyan, que este hay que verlo terminado ya!

    1. ¡Jaja, espero verle durante este mes de agosto! Creo que él también tiene ganas de tenerlo terminado :)

  2. Very cool, please do share some pics of the finished piece :D

    1. I hope seeing Keyan along these days, so I can give it to him. For sure he'll do a pretty nice work, I can't wait to see it finished!