Chaos cult of Bane

Well, kinda of that :P.

Some time ago I painted this Knightmodels Batman for a friend:

Criminals are a superstitious cowardly lot

Why is this relevant? Let me explain: then he purchased two WH40K 'Dark Vengeance' boxes and asked me to paint the Chaos cultists. So, what would I do to make a 'different' army? (you know, I'm terrified to do the same thing that everyone does). The first idea that came up was making the leader as Bane in the 'Dark Knight Rises' movie, given that the coat and mask could be easily converted. But of course that was not enough! We toyed with the idea of a complete band of thugs with breathers; not just hired muscle by the boss, but a real Cult of Bane. So they could be used in a number of environments, just like the Batman game by Knightmodels, any post-apoc game or even WH40K.

I got different human heads (just bare heads, from Hasslefree and MaxMini) and begun to cut and replace the original ones from the models for these new acquisitions. After that, it all was green stuff for the breathers and some exchange of arms and weapons in order to avoid repetition. Here you have the results:
You think darkness green stuff is your ally, but you merely adopted it. I was born in it, molded by it...

Subtle changes in heads and weapons

Wannabe Banes

Darth Vader fans, their breath sounds cool

They look like the ones above but believe me, there are not two identical guys here

I wish I could claim the idea of the chainsaw guy. I saw it on the internet and looked cool to me. Sorry, but I don't remember the blog (If by any chance you happen to read me, just tell me so I can credit you!)

At this point of sculpting breathers, you begin to bend the limits of sanity

The colour palette was deliberately limited. Whatever the game they are being used for, they shouldn't wear clean clothes or be dressed in bright new colours. So browns/greys should fit any post-apoc/WH40K environments, and still be suitable for Gotham City. As most of the guys are wearing military uniforms (I guess this was some kind of Imperial Guard unit which turned into Chaos), I thought of painting them in the same colours, but that was not going to work, as they looked just too similar, kind of a clone army. So I tried to give a slight variety on the clothes and skins, but still with just a few colours.

So that's it! They are now ready to spread anarchy in Gotham City, salvage and survive in the aftermath of a nuclear war or fight for the dark gods in the far future!


  1. Great look and paint , really nice pics .

    1. Thanks! It was a kind of mass production, but I believe they serve their purpose :)