Monday, 19 August 2013

Building GW Chapel: The final result (Pt. 4)

Mission accomplished. I got a finished scenery element. Let's take the work from where we left it the other day.
First of all, I had to cut the plastic in order to avoid the so obvious quadrangular shape. Then I used cheap and easy papier-mâché technique to make it look more like a hill. These were the basics:

It doesn't look too impressive, I know. Give some time
I added the chapel floor and access stairs to the building. Once I got all this, I went for a more realistic approach. Using DAS plaster I got this:

Now it looks like buried in snow
Winter is coming
The best thing about working in summer is that you can leave anything on the window and it dries in minutes. It has really saved me a lot of time.
The final steps were adding sand, flock and a tree, just to fill an awful empty space.


The inside definitely looks this way:

Though I'm pleased with the result, I think I could add some more details. What would you think about some ivy on the walls? Maybe some more vegetation all over the hill? If I were for any or those I would need some tutorials, but I find the idea appealing...


  1. Great work here , great paint and lovely pics , congrats .
    Best regards .

  2. Looks really good as it is. You can always add more detailing at a later stage if you get the urge.

  3. Fantastic results, well done! Lovely to see your hard work pay off!

    Try spending some time searching Youtube for tutorials on new techniques, it worked for me.

  4. Thanks, pals! :)
    I've been experimenting with flock to mimic ivy in order to cover the skulls, but all I got is some kind of stupid salad on the walls :(
    I still have to improve that aspect, I'll let you know if I finally manage to do something acceptable!