Circus Maximus. Aurigatores

It is funny how things happen. When I was showing up the Zombicide minis I got a funny commission. I'm not taking commissions at the moment as I feel a little bit overwhelmed by my to do list, but I simply could not resist this one: 'Would you dare to sculpt two 10 mm Roman charioteers to run at Circvs Maximvs?' Yup, that's right. I know I should have said 'no' from the beginning, but I was just reading a novel called 'Circus Maximus' and I was wondering if there was any game depicting this kind of races. So it all happened to be determined. Who was I to fight Fate?

I was quite reluctant at the beginning however. I was not sure that I could achieve that, but the guy was trusting on my skills, given what he was seeing on my zombies. Wow man, what a weight on my shoulders!

First research on Roman Aurigatores came up to this.

So where to start from? Easy, you would say. From the beginning:
You can't see it yet, but it makes sense in my mind, trust me
Two different poses

They begin to look like something...
Some days later...
...And later

This is the best thing I could do

 You are never satisfied when sculpting, but this case was special. This is crazy! I had to thin a bit both legs and arms, as they were too Conan looking, but at some point I had to leave them as they were, I had to admit I couldn't go any further.

First time I sculpt anything this size, so I should say it is not that bad. I am eager to see them on their tiny chariots!

But of course I am having some chariots too for myself. You know what will happen, you know...


  1. Ho is very little ! Well done ;)

  2. oO

    If you have the same millimeters in Spain as we do in France (looks at is ruler), well hats off !
    I'm really astonished by the way you managed to get a dynamic and evocative pose for models this size... We knew you had the GS skill but this is the real deal. Please give them a nice charriot to race !

  3. Thank you very much! I can't say I'm totally satisfied, but as I said, they are not that bad if you consider it has been my first time.
    Haha, yes, I believe we use the same decimal metric system :D
    I'll get some chariots, so in the future I'll have my own Roman Circus to race! Yay!

  4. No están nada mal! Deberías seguir practicando... Cuando consigas un resultado con el que realmente estés satisfecho entonces me regalas algunos de los primeros intentos :-P

    Unas fotillos de los carros? :-)

    1. Tengo que practicar mucho todavía. No son gran cosa, pero de momento no llego más lejos :/

      Los carros todavía no los tengo. Esto es un proyecto a largo plazo, pero ya llegará, ya...

  5. Beautiful pictures, and so little figures!

    1. Thank you very much!! They are really tiny, but it has been a challenge!