Of Red and Yellow

Back to WH40K after this zombie hiatus ;)

I've realized that the only thing the latest 40K minis I've been painting have in common is just the chromatic scheme. Not having any other excuse to show them, I've just decided to make colour an issue today. Let's see what we have over here...
GW's Master Blaster
Wow, pretty old one. Classic Champion of Khorne. It was missing the right hand weapon, so I added the mace from truly-cannot-remember-where, sorry. It just happened to be amongst my bits. Originally I had painted it in dark red and gold, but this time I tried a lighter base colour and some yellows for a change. As it is quite different now from the previous paintwork (which was awful), I declare myself satisfied.

More red. Hmmm. Another classic:
I'm not a friend of the guy in the previous pic

One of the Demon Hunters by Jes Goodwin (one day I'll show you the other one). I got this one recently and I also explored the use of yellows instead of gold. As the pose is quite annoying, I've taken another pic:
Light overexposure, kills the colours

Wow, I'm really bad at taking photos. But this was the only way to show his face. Well, his eyes, you know. Whatever.

As a matter of fact, as I am typing this, I've just taken another pic with my phone. Let's see if it is of any use:
Ok, I give up. I can't take a damn proper pic of this guy

The mini has much more colour variety, I promise. It just can't be seen in the pics, what a shame.


The third one is special. It's simply a toy I've been keeping for over 25 years (most certainly even a few more), a plastic monster which suddenly appeared where I couldn't expect in some forgotten corner. As soon as I saw it again, I knew I had a perfect Ferrobeast for RT games:
Yup, go find it in your RT Rulebook
It is no more than a rough plastic piece wit a 'made in Hong Kong' carved on its tail, but it fits in the general purpose I have for it, so what else do I need.

I really need to find a place for all of them in future games!


  1. Great ! Pure Jes Goodwin wonder !
    I believe the mace comes from the hooded chaos warrior from Jes Goodwin (the one weilding a 2 handed mace above his head).
    Both of these minis are on my painting table at the moment and I really love the vibrant result and the fact that though they are from 2 opposite side sof the force , they bear the same painting scheme. Very good.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you like them. It's amazing when you see the results you can get on different minis using similar colours. Those pics don't make justice to the minis, shame on me :(

  2. Very characterful minis! Specially the Evil Creature From Hong Kong.

    1. Beware the Ferrobeast! In fact it had a minor role in Pacific Rim, but never got recognition for it :D

  3. The ferrobeast is delightful.