Firefighters in!

OK, though it's almost New Year and I need a new calendar, no, definitely I'm not bringing a firefighters calendar ;)

Do you remember me playing this game?

It's been a whole year since I showed it up

You saw what was the problem then. The minis. The six firefighters were all but identical! Just in different colours! But the game uses different kind of specialists. Weird, I know. :D 
Old pic of a game back in the days

Fortunately the creators realized this bloody mess was unsustainable, and decided to produce a whole range of firefighters depicting the different specialists. Phew, just in time; I was getting crazy looking for 28mm. firefighters, and the choices were not that many.

Here they are:
Captain and Imaging Technician

Generalist and Structural Engineer

CAFS Firefighter and Rescue Specialist

Rescue Dog, HAZMAT Technician and Paramedic

Driver/Operator and Veteran

But well, of course you can still play the original minis if you please. As you can see I used the floor to make them recognizable by colours:
What was I supposed to do? Leave them unpainted?

When the whole company is together they really look like a team!!
I'm almost expecting a TV series out of these!
Now I do believe these guys need a baptism of fire (of fire, you get it? I'm so witty...)

I foresee some really busy Christmas...


  1. Well done! I have a set of these headed my way too. :)
    Love that game.

    1. You'll enjoy them, believe me :)
      I love the game too, it's different to the usual. I'm trying to have a game these days with the new minis :)

  2. Those are fantastic - well done Suber.

    1. Thank you very much! It's fun to switch you mind and take these cartoony projects :)

  3. Replies
    1. ¡Jaja, muchas gracias! Son unas minis muy divertidas que dan pie a un estilo de pintura diferente.

  4. Oh good god, my hobby paying for job is as a Firefighter, and I have Flashpoint...bugger now I have to order the extra figs and paint all of 'em! Lovely work!

    1. Well, I enormously admire your profession, these guys were a real pleasure to paint, see them as my tiny tribute to all firefighters :)
      So now go get them and throw some paint on them!