Painting Descent. More big baddies

As promised, here I bring the remaining creatures :)

The Ettin is quite likely my favourite mini from the whole lot. A menacing two-headed ogre that looks absolutely cool. What could I do to make a difference between the regular Ettin and the boss? I thought of armour pieces, but I wasn't quite confident on my own skills to sculpt a complete armour out of greenstuff and make it look good. Anyway, I found useful bits that helped me on my task:
Subtle, but it works for me

Couldn't find a shield of his size, but the small buckler might look funny.
Shake that belly! C'mon, bow chika wow wow!
Their family meetings must be clangorous

The final beast is the Dragon. I couldn't find a way of making them appear different in shape, so I just painted them differently. Maybe too classic, but I was playing safe here.
Tiny tots of Smaug

So the whole lot of creatures looks like this:
Welcome to the jungle dungeon

You know, the game scenarios have some special characters not included in the core box. Of course you can buy them, but both my mate and I find them expensive, so we might be looking for homemade alternate models ;). Not on a rush, but if I find suitable options, might be able to complete the set. All in time...

So now all that we have to do is just play the game! I'll let you know as soon as it happens!


  1. Geniales! Gran trabajo!
    Y ahora... Partida! Partida! Partida! Partida! Partida! Partida!...

    1. ¡Gracias! Espero que durante la Navidad me dé tiempo :)

  2. They looks the buckler looks great. I think I would of add a couple more shields further up the arm almost as if it was intentional armour plating.

    1. Hmm, now that you say it, I think it's a pretty nice idea! I consider this done, but I'll keet that in mind for the future, consider the idea stol...I mean borrowed! :D Thank you!

  3. Now look what you have done ... the great work you are doing with the figures is making me want to open up the boardgame and paint them myself. But I gotta finish my survivors and zombies first. :)

    1. Thanks! Come on, get your zombies done and get these minis on your workbench! :D