Painting Descent. Small baddies

Back to Descent again :)

The creatures in the game are pretty nice, you have a proper variety of bad guys to make the adventurers things difficult. For gaming purposes, each type of creature has two profiles: the 'regular' baddie and the 'leader' of the pack (a tougher kind of creature). That is represented into the minis by having them sculpted in white or red plastic, but there is no difference in the sculpt itself. So, once you paint them, you have to be sure you make a difference!

For example, for the Spiders there was no issue, I think it's quite easy to make the leader look different:
Attercop! Lazy Lob!

Crazy Cob! Old Tomnoddy!
And so it was for the Goblins, as I didn't think I was able to achieve anything decent or 'believable' by swapping heads or anything like that.
Only minor changes with greenstuff to represent he has kneepads and is better equipped
Though subtle, I think it works

However, I thought I could do something else for the zombies. Any human-sized mini allows me more freedom. I thought it might be cool if I added some more detail to the boss. My first attempt was to sculpt some kind of crown, depicting some king of old, but I wasn't able to sculpt that on the hoodie; nothing looked fine enough for me. I finally tried a different approach, by sculpting a kind of turban and long sleeves:

Looking for a Berber-ish style
 So the difference is not that obvious, but enough to make the mini look different:
Zombies playing 'it' ('Cops and robbers' is it called too? I believe there are some variants of this)

Now they're dancing 'Thriller'

'Cause this is thrilleeeeer...

I had some problems with the Flesh Moulders. The concept for the creature is great, but the mini is kinda complicated. The pose, the flow of magic over the head, the blowing robes...
This is what I could make with this
Not quite convinced about the conversion, but if I was to try anything more complicated, I would have been forced to disassemble the whole mini and make a completely different creature. I think this was enough to make it look different.
You see? We are different
Different, I say!

Well, this is it so far! I'm currently working on the big tough baddies, I believe I'll be showing some of them later on this week. Hope you like them!


  1. Nice conversion work and paintjobs. They certainly look like leaders now. Great idea.

    1. Thank you! I'm keeping it easy, but as long as it works, I'm fine with it!

  2. Nice work indeed Suber ... though I will have to overcome my aversion to creepy crawlies in order to get those Spiders painted. I sincerely have no recollection of spiders in the Descent boardgame ... oh dear ... my memory is already failing me, I had better dust off the box and take a peek inside again.

    1. Hahaha, you really should! I'd love to see these painted by you, that should be a thing to see, for sure! :)