Thursday, 19 September 2013

Painting some weird things

Not that the minis are weird per se. They just belong to the 'Secrets of Third Reich' range, so they are Weird War stuff. They are for a friend, but I saw the occasion to paint them as I was painting historical WW2. You see, time counts for me! I use every minute for good! My workbench usually looks like an entropy vortex, with tons of totally unrelated minis here and there. 'Now that I'm painting this, I could paint this other one, as I'm using these colours... oooh, and then this other one... hey, and these!'
Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the game or its fluff, so I just painted them in good faith. Hope you still like them!
First of all, a German vampire:

No, you know, the pic is dark on purpose. For the character, yeah. That's it. Bad pic on purpose
Then a werewolf in uniform:

Chewbacca, is that you?
Another werewolf and his mistress (sorry, I can't tell you their story; I'm afraid I can only say this is a kinky girl and her dog. Again classic mandatory stuff in weird war):

You think the previous guy was a werewolf? This is a werewolf!
Experiments! Weird war is not yet complete without experiments, of course:

Shivering, brrrr....
It would have been cool adding some water effects, but all my experiments and attempts ended badly, so I just left them as they are.

Ah, granny, why have you such large eyes? The better to see you...
Ssss, my preciousss, shouldn't have eaten that ssspicy burrito, I'm sh*tting my guts out

Brits also have a couple of guys here; the first one is this Battle Chaplain

A holy water gun would have been cool too
And misterious 'Dr. Lazarus':

Trust me, I'm a doctor
Looks like a darker, more sinister Dr. Who, with that gun and the big hat. I painted him accordingly in dull dark colours and a pinstriped suit.

I'm also painting another totally unrelated set of minis for this same friend. I'm just finishing up all the bunch, so I hope I can show them just after the weekend!


  1. Nice work , and great paint , love this figures is fantastic
    It's a shame that the size is too small otherwise I think that I'd be tempted
    Greetings .

    1. Same here, very great work.
      What scale is this?

    2. Thanks! They are 28mm scale. They are nice, specially if you want to go for a change. I've enjoyed painting them!

  2. Great job on them all. Out of interest who makes the lady with her dog?

    1. My fault, I didn't realize those are not from 'Secrets of Third Reich', they actually are Bolt Action minis, the small Weird War range they have.
      Thanks for pointing me that out!

  3. Buenísimos Suber, ahora sólo te falta algo de tropa. Te recomiendo el SOTR:1949, es fácil de aprender y te puede dar algunas partidas muy buenas. Además se pueden coger las reglas mejoradas del Berlin or Bust 2.0 (también de West Wind) para tapar ciertas erratas y/o descuídos del reglamento.

    1. ¡Muchas gracias por las recomendaciones! La verdad es que han sido muy entretenidos de pintar, muy refrescantes para salirse de la rutina. Me da miedo lanzarme en serio con cosas de estas, que se empieza y no se para...

  4. Woe... me has dejado sin palabras. Impresionantes!

    1. ¡Gracias! Están a mero nivel 'tabletop', pero me ha gustado cambiar de tercio. Las he hecho aprovechando el tirón de Segunda Guerra Mundial al que me he dedicado últimamente; ¡hacer cosas diferentes me mantiene (relativamente) cuerdo entre tanta mini!

  5. Unas minis fantásticas Suber!!! me gusta mucho como las has dejado.
    Un gran saludo.

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! Han sido todo un descubrimiento :)