The scale of war (Pt. 2)

Let's go for the missing part today :)

Though this kind of chain production painting method saves you a lot of time, it still makes a number of hours! But on the whole I believe it's worth it. I hope so!
Another 42 guys again.
The German minis from Memoir 44 are a little less detailed than the American ones, but as I told you the other day, they are more than just correct for a board game; they look nice enough for me and I'm eager to see them on the board.
The mandatory scale comparison shot: 
Awful pic, but you get the idea
 Again, I painted the Bolt Action guys at the same time, following the squad configuration suggested in the starter box:
Lt. and an extra guy (strange pose, I know; from other angle you can see him recharging the weapon magazine)

Infantry Squad #1 with NCO

Infantry Squad #2 with NCO

Infantry Squad #3 with... yes, NCO
I still haven't played any of both games, but hopefully I'll put an end to that quite soon. The Bolt Action starter box had some scenery in which I'm still working and Memoir 44 still has stuff that I will show you next day (lots of minis! Believe me. Identical minis, but a lot of them...).

Hope you're liking this!


  1. I play a lot of WW2 at my local gaming club, in between all the Fantasy and sci-fi. We have settled on Great Escape Games' 'Rules of Engagement' as our favourite 20mm/28mm rules set. Bolt Action left us a bit unimpressed by comparison, I'd be interested to hear what you think of it though.

    1. Hmm, I haven't heard real good impressions on that game yet, everybody seems to think more or less the same. I'll give it a try, but I believe I'm trying Memoir'44 before.
      Now that Infantry is finished, I'm with the tanks. Each side has 24 of them! Fortunately they're quite easy, I'm not spending as much time on them as I feared.

  2. Good work Suber. A greeting.

    1. Thanks! I'm still working on it, you will see it finished soon :)