Survivors et al.

Couldn't find any other way to describe them, as they are not truly related to any other project. They are also for the same friend who I told you about the other day, the one of the 'Secrets of Third Reich' stuff. Different minis today... hope you enjoy these eclectic posts!

First of all, these hazmat guys
Sarge, I have a problem... I think I just farted
A close-up shot of the laptop guy:
Oh, man, another Windows crashdown...
I had previously painted another hazmat unit, but in green instead of yellow. Didn't take pics of that, I only keep this one with two other soldiers (in ACU pattern uniform):
I'm the same guy, I just changed my clothes
I also painted these two scientists, the 'regular' one, who I'll call Bob:
Don't be fooled by my disguise, I still want to kill Bart Simpson

And the Z one:
Man, I had a rough night
Of course we have these popular guys:

Oooops, light overexposure

(Had a problem with those, trying to get a balance between cartoonish style and a dark gloomy aspect. I finally rejected that and simply went for the cartoon bright colours)

Finally I'll show you this little ass-kicker. You know.
The mini actually looks tougher than the guy in the movie
What a bunch of different minis they are. Well, this is part of the charm. I'm moving back to other projects, so you can expect some old school Warhammer again. Soon ;)


  1. Gran trabajo de pintura en todos ellos, de verdad. Me gusta mucho el zombi y el científico.

    1. Muchas gracias, de verdad que es refrescante salirse de la rutina habitual y pintar cosas distintas de vez en cuando :)

  2. Great work , i love the first image good personages for Chernobyl diorama , and scooby doo is too fun !!

    1. Thank you, they've been fun to paint, they can be used for several ambientations, ain't that great?

  3. Que calladito has tenido esto, las minis estan muy bien, esas cosas siempre me han llamado pero luego nunca las compro

    1. Pues te las recomiendo, toda la gama de Hasslefree es muy buena, tiene cosas muy chulas y divertidas.