Finishing Memoir 44

Wow, just finished painting the game. As I told you, there were still some minis to show. Identical as they are, they should be easy to paint, but when you work on the same stuff for a time, you just want to quit everything and simply change the project!
Well, enough sobbing. Pics as promised!

American tanks:
24 tanks and 6 artillery pieces
The pic is crappy as usual. If you look at them carefully, you should see white stars and stuff on them. I promise, they are on all of them.

But, what else do we have? German tanks:
Another 24 tanks and another 6 artillery pieces
Again, there are badges and work which is not visible to the human eye because my lack of skills taking photos. Grrr...

Hmm. A post with just two pics is a kind of scam. I can only add another pic with defenses:
It's still a scam, but not so much
In case you have not noticed it, the background in the pics is the board. As soon as I got ot painted, we played a game. I'm afraid I haven't had the time to write everything down yet (hence this sloppy post with three pics!), but I can say it's highly enjoyable. I promise I'm telling you my impressions about it hopefully this very week.

See you then!


  1. Since for the present time one sees very well supplied and with one very good aspect.

    A greeting.

    1. Thanks! I went rather quick with those, more than I expected. I'll tell you about the game quite soon! :)

  2. my friend, your workability is awesome, more than 100 miniatures painted and the minis of bolt aren´t in the count, really i envoy you, i don´t have the time nor the patience to do something similar...

    excuse me for my english, i´m tryng to develope my fluidity.

    1. Haha, thanks! It's just a matter of insanit... err... dedication. That's it, dedication. :P