StormUFO painted

A break after these two weeks of WWII.

I've painted the Stormthing... Well, it needs a name, cannot be the StormUFO. Let's see, GW has copyright on 'Thunderhawk', 'Stormbird', 'Stormraven', 'Stormtalon', 'Stormeagle'...) For this new vehicle I'll let you choose between 'Stormflamingo' or 'Stormplatypus'.
I know, platypus is not a bird, but who cares, it has a duck bill, it's enough for me.

It's being part of a Pre-Heresy World Eaters army. In case you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, I'll just say that World Eaters Space Marines went rogue during the galactic civil war known as 'the Horus Heresy' and supported the rebellion against the Emperor. Their colours were white and blue, but they repainted all their armours in red during the war (they were so stained in their enemies' blood that it was easier to repaint the armours). They begun to worship the dark god of war and blood and sing things like 'skulls for the thone of skulls'. Nice guys, you know.

At this stage they are still in the ranks of the goodies, so they wear in white and blue and have some Imperial badges.

After replacing the upper cannon and first paint layers, it begun to look this way:
A flying brick!
Then it was just a matter of adding some blue here and there and all kind of other details. So, ta-daaa:


Total aerodynamic design

Though not being for me, it still has my usual hallmark :P, that means lots of signs and inscriptions in Gothic (kinda Latin, which is the official language in the Imperium; you know, more WH40K fluff) 


'Aeris Ductus'. Classical 'Air intake' sign

Small and almost illegible 'Cave Pedes' under the door (just a 'Watch your step' sign)

 Not much else to show. Here you have a couple of rear views:

Blurry pic

Rear markings

A final pic on its flyer base:

Maybe it's not a good idea to do this on a window...

Another project come to fruition! Hooray!

Next day I'll show you some other things I'm painting at the time, not WH40K related. See ya!


  1. Un trabajo buenísimo Suber, me encanta el resultado y la idea es fantástica.

    Un gran saludo.

  2. Great painting my friend, I like the pictures, because you made a step by step , great details

  3. Fantastic results Suber, well done indeed!

  4. Very nicely done white indeed, lovely touches with all the markings and signs.

  5. Thank you all, pals! I'm glad you like it! It's been fun playing with the pieces and trying to see what worked and what didn't.

  6. Glorias y alabanzas, sí señor.

    1. ¡Jaja, muchas gracias!

      (He's the happy owner! Being his nick 'Duma', I'm thinking about 'Stormdummy', the crash test ship for Space Marines training :D

  7. Joe, pintado de blanco... con dos coj&%€$, sí señor!
    El color más jodío de pintar y el que mejor queda. Me encanta.

    1. Jaja, he llorado con esta nave. Metí una franja roja en el casco y quedaba horrible, así que la tuve que tapar otra vez de blanco, ¡pero no había manera! Me ha hecho sudar, jaja

      (I painted a big red stripe on the hull, but it was painfully awful, so I covered it again in white, but it didn't dissapeared! No way! I needed layer after layer... This ship made me sweat, hehe

  8. An incredible piece of work. One of your best.

    1. Thanks! I had some base work given, so it was just a matter of experimenting. Not that bad if you look it on the whole :).