New minis, old school

I'm talking about the two limited edition minis Games Workshop released last year, the 25th anniversary Crimson Fist Space Marine and the Games Day Blood Angels Space Marine.

In case you are not into this and you need any introduction, the first edition of Warhammer 40,000 (usually known as 'Rogue Trader' or simply 'RT') had this cover back in 1987:
This was 1987
The Space Marine with the Ork head became quite iconic pretty soon. Last year, GW released this special edition mini:
I've been posing for 25 years
 You might notice something strange if you look close. It's the head. The mini came beheaded in its blister. After some time trying to get a solution from GW through a friend, I got no response, so it was easier for me replacing it with a head of my own. I used a Mk6 helmet and used some green stuff on it for the nose cone.
Poetic justice. I had a severed head in my hand, but didn't have one of my own...
Before I speak of this incident, let me show you the other limited edition mini I was talking about. The 2nd Edition of WH40K was released in 1993, the game having  this cover:
 'Grim Darkness'?
And this mini being released last year for the 'Games Day' event:
I've been posing for a while too
Fortunately I got all the pieces this time. That's something. Then I just had to face the problem of the annoying bubbles...
There's green stuff in places you couldn't imagine

 If you are familiar with the so called 'Finecast' resin GW has been using on their models for a while, you already know what I'm talking about. I had heard about the problem, but had never experienced it. These two are the only 'finecast' models I've ever purchased. The last will they be.
Talking about it would be the usual GW bashing you can read elsewhere on tne internet. I'll just say that my own experience working with this resin is not quite satisfactory. I will politely say no more.

But I don't want to end this post with a bitter taste, sooo... Bonus mini! :)

You might rememeber this illustration by mighty Jes Goodwin, depicting Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves: 
Pretty old piece of art
I got the mini on eBay some time ago for a reasonable price. Unfortunately without the wolves (Freki and Geri).
I feel lonely. Like a lone wolf... Lone wolf, you get it? Ha ha... What do you mean by 'not funny'?

Ahhh... Good old reliable metal... Hopefully someday I can find the wolves. I promise to put Russ a cloak and banner then.

But having this mini, who would like to buy the Forge World Primarchs? Meh! This is more than enough!


  1. Muy buenas minis Suber!!! es una envidia vértelas tan cucas!!!.
    Un gran saludo.

  2. ¡Muchas gracias! Comboinando lo viejo y lo nuevo...

  3. Si señor, ese el autentico Russ, y no el gigante melenudo rastafari que nos venderan dentro de poco desde FW :D

  4. Preciosos!
    Aunque la primera base se me hace un poco sosa... Supongo que le falta algún cadaver ;-)

  5. Muchas gracias a los dos, jeje. Quizá un día les retoque, pero de momento me quedo satisfecho con ellos.

    (For non-Spanish speakers, we're saying that this is a 'real' Russ, not the future FW Rastafarian impersonator :D. Maybe one day I'll make some improvements on the bases and so, but I'm reasonably satisfied with their aspect for the moment)

  6. I also have all three of the minis above though have yet to paint them! I swear to God I will get around to it one day! I have to say you have done a great job on all of them.
    The one issue I have with the Ltd Edition models is how GW retconned the original Crimson Fists all enclosing Plasma Pistol and swapped the Blood Angels Captain's bolter from a cool 2nd Ed version to a generic 3rd Ed + version! I wish they wouldn't mess with timeless classics! But none of this takes away from your excellent paint job!!

  7. Hehe, I do agree about the 'adaptation', but nevertheless it has been fun painting the minis, even if the resin has been a pain in the &%# :)