Monday, 2 September 2013

The scale of war (Pt. 1)

A complete change of subject today :)

It's been my interest for ome time changing the usual stuff and painting/playing something different than just WH40K. Some time ago I decided to explore WWII games, so I purchased the Normandy starter set from Bolt Action. It's been dormant on my shelf for months, but now I've decided to finally take it out from its sleep.
What moved me to do so was curiosly not the game itself, but another different game. Let me explain. A friend of mine came home some time ago with a WWII boardgame called 'Memoir 44' which I had not heard of previously. I will speak of the game other day (as I haven't played it yet), for the moment you just need to know that it contains tons of tiny minis. Tons of tiny unpainted minis! You already know it's a matter of principles, I could not tolerate such a thing. Soooo... I begun to paint both games at the same time. Yeah, I know, it sounds crazy, but it really saved me a lot of time.

Let me show the Americans first:

Basic boardgame plastic minis
Well, they look a bit rough maybe, but these are not for wargaming or exposition, they are pieces of a boardgame, so they are more than correct for that purpose. If you look the pic above, you might see the 1st Division badge on the shoulder on the guy to the left.

OK, you might be not very impressed by my skills. Fair enough, let's see the mass scale production work :P:

42 guys. Forty. Two. Frakkin'. Guys.
All painted in a row. Oh my.
But what size are them? Let me show a scale comparison pic with a Bolt Action soldier:

It might be the same guy on steroids
So this is part one (of two) of one project (of two). As I said before, I painted the Bolt Action guys at the same time. This is the configuration suggested by the starter box:

Sniper/observer team & Lt. with two guys
Infantry Squad #1 with NCO
Infantry Squad #2 with NCO
They have the same 1st Div. badges on their shoulders (a little bigger, a little better), NCO badges, the vertical/horizontal stripes on the back of the Lt./NCO helmets... all that stuff.

So that's half of two projects, next day I'll show you the German side of both.


  1. Fantastic results. :)

    I'm eager to try these minis.

    1. Thanks! Anytime, whenever you want, I'll gladly let you read all the rules :D

  2. Great paint i like the variations of color , very nice .
    Best regards

    1. Thank you! They're just for quick gaming, but I'm pleased with the results, given that this has been my first attempt on historical games.

  3. Yes gentleman, a very good result. A greeting Suber.

    1. Thanks, Eli! They're nothing compared to your work, I've seen your WWII troops and they are lovely. I still have to improve a lot!! But wheh, it's a beginning...

  4. Nice post, great blog, following :)

    Good Luck :)