Spanish ISAF Soldier (Pt. 5 Final result)

Okay, the project is finally closed.  :)
I'm afraid I should have taken pictures of the step-by-step on the face, but I didn't realize until it was too late. I spent some hours on this and I regret to say that the only photo I have is this sh**:
The face looks much more better, but I don't know how to take f***ing good pics
Well, my disgrace, another thing for the to do list. Learn how to use a frakking camera. No, seriously.

Then I went to the blacks. Three different kinds of black here. But no one notices as the pic is crappy as usual:
Slowly taking shape
If you look close, you will see the ID badge on his chest. It depicts his range (Pvt., a vertical strip, almost unseen), the 'Infantry' designation (no way to appreciate that, it's a tiny seal) and his surname. I wrote down 'Lopez'. No specific reason, it's just a really common surname, short enough and I didn't dare to do anything more complicated.
Then I added some dirt. Desert means dirt, of course. But I didn't want to overdo it.
Slight dirt. Less is more
Some day I have to begin with pigments. I've seen real wonders with those, but I've never used them, I work only with paint. Some day, some day...

I needed some more green stuff to fix the arms right:

I should redo the weapon, but I have no patience for that

Right arm, NATO badge

You should read 'ISAF' there. I really need to change my brush, couldn't do it better.

So, the final look of the model is like this:

  Well, this is what I have achieved with this model. On the whole it has given me some more work than expected and it has been an intermitent work I could only do from time to time. But, defects apart, I like the result pretty much. This will not be the last thing you see on this subject, that I can tell you. But not on this scale. You'll see, you'll see...


  1. Great work Suber , and great paint

  2. Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it!

  3. Te ha quedado muy bien Suber, y realizar este trabajo habrá sido un reto, te lo propusiste y lo lograste, enhorabuena por ello.

    Un gran saludo.

    1. Muchas gracias, la verdad es que era un empeño personal tener este tipo de figura. Es mejorable, pero me doy por satisfecho :)

  4. COjonudo!!! Excelente resultado final, tio

    1. ¡Muchas gracias, me alegra que te guste! Ha sido un reto diferente a lo que hago habitualmente, se agradecen estos cambios de vez en cuando, he disfrutado con este proyecto :)