Monday, 4 March 2013

Spanish ISAF Soldier (Pt.2 Body)

Back to the soldier again. If the other day I showed you the gun, today I'll attack the body.
The upper torso of the model was wearing a scuba diving suit, so I had to do some extensive job all over.

Green stuff tailor
The vest used by Spanish Army allows the gripping of holsters and pockets in different combinations. I sculpted all those holsters more as a requirement of the model than any other thing.

Lots of buckles and strips. They drove me crazy
I had to face a new challenge with the back of the model. The Navy Seal backpack was kind of problematic. I couldn't remove it and it neither looked like an appropiate backpack. I finally thought it could pass as a 'camelbak' to carry water, so I worked on that idea.

Maybe little too bulky for that, but it was the best thing I could think of
The rest was just a matter of adjusting pieces and strips, all those tiny details needed to make the model credible. I'm afraid you need to be patient to carry on this kind of things, I almost ruined the holsters a couple times as I pretended to work again when the green stuff wasn't totally cured.
But well, this begins to look like something...


  1. Hello Suber , i follow you on this work ;)

  2. Thank you, Captain, much appreciated :)