Quick B/W

Well, not quite literally only B/W, but really close to that!

The following is all I've been able to do during the weekend. I know that three minis is quite a lousy performance, specially when, as you'll see in a moment, I've mostly applied just two colours! But oh, you all know how RealLifetm can tear all your plans apart. Sigh.

Anyway, today I'm bringing a few minis from the old West End Games range, gently passed over me thanks to a mate over a forum. I've just made a quick job on them, but I hope they are tabletop decent.

Man in black
So the first one is Luke, black robed as he appears in RotJ. I believe the pic doesn't allow the spectator to appreciate, but trust me, all the blacks there are different. The robe, the clothes, the boots & gloves and the gun... they all are different!

On the other hand...

Kneeling to help to improve aim
Only one white, I confess; but as every white dominant mini, you have to be aware that there will be hundreds of layers of paint involved. From the grey primer to the pure white highlights, there is a universe of whites in there!

The same applies for the third one:

The only thing worse than my paintjob is my photography
I no doubtly should have paid mor attention to the blue parts here, but it's been now weeks since I've realized I need another detail brush. I'll go get one as soon as a window of opportunity is available, promise.

The kneeling Stormtrooper is almost as tall as standing Luke. Wow, Leia wasn't joking about that!
Fun fact. My shitty phone pics are better than the good Nikon camera ones. Please explain
I think I'll be using them for my Imperial Assault games, but I haven't even read the rules! I still have to bring that project back to the workbench...


  1. They look excellent mate whats not to love!

    1. Thank you! They took me less time tan expected, shame of the shitty pics :(

  2. Firstly, I am loving your Star Wars miniatures (and the witty commentary). As for your cell phone photos, have you taken some outside against a blue sky with the flash on? The results I am getting are worthy of sharing.

    1. Thank you! I've tried almost everything. But one day... one day I'll finally learn how to take proper pics! Mwahahaha! Thanks fo the tip, appreciated!

  3. Luego te mando un truquito para las fotos... ;-P

  4. They look great. I am also loving this SW kick of yours.

    Luke's different shades of black come through. It reminds me of one of the best lines from the commentary track on Spinal Tap: "It's a pastel black."

    And after recently painting my own R2, I can attest to how hard he is to get right. Your version is a beauty.

    1. "Pastel black" :D:D:D I love it!
      Thank you!

  5. I love the work you did on Luke's face and as for whites ... I hate painting them. I'm thinking of ways to avoid doing that and plan to try out a few techniques that I have in my mind (since they're not from modeller sources it will most likely go horribly wrong) which involves just clear coats and weathering on white plastic.

  6. Thanks! Hmmm... We shall watch your career with great interest :D